Monday, April 23, 2018

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In my Art Zoo post, I was wearing this Kitten Cropped Sweatshirt, which many people said made me look young. Actually, most of the time I look young for my age...what saying you all!!! LOL! *Triggered*

I just don't have a habit of wearing cropped tops so I thought I should share with you gals some tips on how to wear them. My biggest concern with cropped tops is that it reveals my mid-section i.e. protruding belly. I mean on good days, I guess it is cool to show them off.

But I have been binging a lot so nope, I am not ready to show these rolls. So what I did was, I paired these tops with high waisted shorts (and skirts in my next look). Because the kitty is kinda of peek-a-boo, the brain seems to take i better that this pussy is checking out the world from your pants *No Sex-jokes intended*

Just for info, I got the Kitten Cropped Sweatshirt at a great snag S$16. And you know, when the price is too good, sometimes there will be something wrong with the top. Either the dimensions are off, the material is off, or something somehow will go wrong.

But...I am glad mine turned out amazing. The material is a little bit of the swimwear material and it is a little warm in it (but that's normal for all long sleeve tops). But I am fine with it cos it is so frigging cute. The dimensions were ok. I just felt so cute in it. And it even came with a free metallic totally no complaints on my side.

Just so you know, the store - Style Orphic sells a series of items, other than apparel. K-pop fans, you are going to like their whole collection of K-pop items. There also onesies, Funko toys and even instax polaroids. It is actually pretty interesting to just scroll through their stuff.

For our readers only, quote "ForFunk" and you will get an additional 10% off their items. Isn't it great, I am paving for you discounts so that you can buy as much as you want off their shop!!!

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