Sunday, May 13, 2018

Wedding Talks: The perfect dolls

Lately, I think I have been stressed about the wedding. Haha. A lot of people say, I sound fine. But my face doesn't say so. Guess, procrastinating has taken its toll on me. Oopsy, poopsy.

But I am not stress about planning. I think I am a hell-fast of a planner. :D That's my key skill ya know - planning and scheduling. I just have this nagging doubt that you have got the best crew but things still mess up. But guess that's not anyone's fault isn't it?

On a lighter note, I wanted to share with you my wedding rabbits from Handmade with Love. This photo was from our last photoshoot which I edited myself (cos I think my skills is as good as his :P). This was the best photo from our "rabbit" photos. My only dis-satisfaction was my somewhat crooked pose.

Personally, I think he didn't get my "artistic direction" but he also had the concern of not dirtying the rabbits before the AD. But it is ok, I took a lot of photos of them indoors that I am dying to post. Hehe.

When I received the wedding rabbits, I was so surprised at how adorable they were. I expected them to be cute, but the kawaii level was beyond the photos by the sellers. And you know what, the level of details are insane.

My favourites are the blushes on the rabbits. And for the bride rabbit, the veil just makes everything perfect. <3 Although the wedding dolls are not a compulsory item on the list of wedding items, I feel silly saying and feeling this, but these rabbits make me feel that nothing can go wrong. #RabbitPower?!?

Just so you know, Handmade with Love do not just crochet wedding dolls, they also have designs that you may commission them for. I highly recommend them because apart from being affordable, their quality is top-notch. And from the details, you can really sense the effort the seller puts into her craft.

*Thumbs up* And the seller was also very kind to share with me some of her behind the scene photos so that you guys can also have a glimpse of her workstation! The donut piece looks super adorable! *Gush*

To end off, here's a bo-liao picture I made of my ideal reality. But of cos, sadly this is not the truth. BF holds the power in the relationship (I too 小鸟依人). The only power he gives me is a powerbank (>.<)

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