Thursday, May 3, 2018

Couple Shots at Bedok

We are now traveling further and wider. Hope you guys haven't been wondering why there is a "lack" of quick content. That is because we are now doing more shoots. And I guess shoots take a little more time, especially if we want to show you guys something good.

For people who live in the East, you will be happy to know, this was taken in Bedok. Honestly, I am not familiar with the area. I wanted to go for a school theme. So we actually took some shots in a school, but some didn't turn out that well. Oh wells...Maybe, I should have just taken those shots in my own school...goodness.

By now, we have learnt that photography comes with hit and misses. The more the number of people, the harder it is to take a good shot. Sometimes the BF look crap, other times I look shit. But with practice, we have gotten pretty good hit rates. :P

By far, this is one of our grassiest shots (aka we laid down on quite a lot of grass spots) and my shortest skirt shot to date. Heng I wore shorts underneath. Hehe. One of the more interesting photo we managed to snap was this at Bedok Reservoir. I really like the grass-beside-water feel shots. But FYI, I got a bit of grass rash after. #SacrificeForArt

And check out some of my favourite shots this weekend. We played with a bit of shadow, symmetry and I love the head-grass shots. Our photographer is not much a traveller. So if you live in the East and is looking for some fast shots, do contact him here.

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