Thursday, May 17, 2018

Travel Log: 5 Must Eat at Yogyakarta

Yea, and now we will share the good food in Yogyakarta. If there is one thing I miss traveling with the BF, it is how he gets all his food well-planned. Yup, so for this trip since he didn't join, all the food were recommended by Bagus, our friendly driver.

Honestly, I don't even know whether is that even his name. Haha, cos he signs off as Bagus. But, is that his name or something like "Best regards". Bagus means best by the way in Malay. If you need the driver's contact, please don't hesitate to drop me an email :)

1. Mie Ongklok
I think if you have a savory tongue like mine, you would love this dish. The gravy of the noodles were thick, a little sweet and extremely yummy. It is nothing I have ever tasted before in Singapore. It was so good I wanted a second bowl. The beef satay were delicious as well, but nothing can outshine the noodles.

When we at the store, I see the locals enjoying this dish as well. The store front looks a bit run-down (the type you think you will laosai eating the food) But ya, it is worth the risk. I can't wait to go back and have it again.

2. Serba Sambal
The ambience was really good so I expected the food to be more pricey. But it isn't, because the portion is smaller. Most of the food we ordered were spicy and I thought I could take the spice. But guess I was wrong.

The sambal was seriously shiok. I literally cried as I ate and refuse to stop eating and crying because it was so good. After the meal, I thought I was even going to have fever. My whole was burning. Highly recommended for those who loves getting a kick!

3. Jejamuran
This is a mushroom restaurant, everyy frigging dish even their drinks are made of mushroom. I loved it so much I even wanted to franchise it. Too bad I don't have money haha. This place is 101% touristy. But the food is good, ambience is great and the price is extremely reasonable.

Plus you can even buy home some interesting looking mushroom snacks. My mum scolded me for not buying more. And if you are vegetarian, this is where you can graze in joy and not be sad that you are missing out on the fried chicken. By the way, these photos are ripped off the web cos I couldn't find mine.

4. Satria Restro
This is our very first meal that introduced us to Yogyakarta's land of saltiness. Haha. All the food we ordered were decent. My friends who were extremely crazy for the fried chicken ordered a second set. Basically, he ordered extra fried chicken at every meal stop (-_-)'''

This is en route to town. It is a bit touristy and the prices were abit steeper in comparison. But hey, you just got off a flight and you just want a nice good meal. This one actually fits that checklist. Plus it has a rural vibe to it. I took a lot of photos there. But the photographer sux so I look shit. :P

5. Street Food
In the town, you will see a street filled with food. A few days at Yogyakarta, you will realise the food is pretty much the same. We tried their Chap Chai, Fu Rong Egg (which I insisted could be different just named the same, but was proved very wrong), and realised that fried food suited our palette more than salty food.

So we ate a lot of friend chicken and fried fish. But I don't really like fish because of the bones so I always picked the chicken and sometimes sotong. You can go to any store at the street and experience a meal there. It even comes with good buskers. (Those 4 guys were literally the F4 of the streets haha.) By the way, you don't have to tip them if you don't want to.


So our driver's wife made and treated us to this Braised Duck. It was so frigging good, one of the best I have tasted. The meat was tender and fresh. I really love it, maybe because it was made with love, that's why it tasted so good?

Another reason why you should get the number of our driver, he even treats you to yummy food. T.T

This is not exclusive to Yogyakarta and it can even be found in Singapore now. But yea, it just taste better when you are slurping it down in Indonesia. It is my brother's favourite and he insisted that this post won't be complete without a shout-out to it. So yea, take Teh Botoh!

Out of spite, I will also show you the worse meal I had on my trip. Yup, it was my in-flight "free" meal. The sandwich was so flaky and tasteless, you really needed that water to swallow it down. It was as bad as the Es Tape I had.

In fact, on my return flight. I refused to touch their food. My friends thought I refused flight food cos I was broke. But I made myself broke spurging last-min on massage and manicures because the "free" flight food made me think that even the paid in-flight food would be as bad.

And just in case you missed it, you can check out the must-go places in my previous post here. I can't wait to go for my next trip already!!

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