Sunday, June 17, 2018

Chug Subscription is back!

Wedding planning is one hell of a stress, even for a simple, fuss-free one. :( So last week, I was badly in need of a drink. And guess what, Chug, the lifestyle drinking pass is back!

And boy am I glad, for just a monthly subscription of SGD9.90, you can get 5 free drinks per month while a SGD19.90 subscription will get members one free drink each day of the month. Super value for money if you are a hell of a drinker.

The good news is Chug is rather easy to use and if you and your friends enjoy checking out new nightspots in town, this is a pretty good app to have in your phone. The sober me did some quick calculation and I quickly concluded that this app is not just for yourself.

Cos it is just too boring to drink alone. Bleh. So I am sharing this promo code with you. Quote "WANDA5556" and you can get S$5 off your first month. So that's like S$4.90 for 5 drinks. Less than a dollar for a drink, that's a steal. :)

And more good news, a good many of the listed vendors are in town area. Yea to working execs. However, the list is not exactly that long in the moment but I expect it to grow longer. For those who are looking for pre-party rave drinks,Chug doesn't quite fit the bill cos you can at max have one free drink a day. 

You can't do pub-hops as well. But I hope that will change one day because pub hops are fun! And with that, enjoy your drinks and cheap thrills!

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