Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Lessons learnt in Bangkok

Like I mentioned in my last post, we made really bad decisions when it came to food (guess cos BF is not here, I just screwed up this haha!) So here's a compiled list of what we did right and not-so-right and perhaps you can learn a trick or 2 reading this.

Mistake 1: We went for dinner instead of brunch at Roast.
Everyone was raving about this place, saying they needa go there twice, trice. And I was like geez, the food is average. The price is definitely more exp than normal Thai food. And it is kinda out of the way. What on earth is this hype?!? And then I realise everyone was raving about the BRUNCH. Oh wells, next time.

Mistake 2: Shopping at Union Mall first instead of Platinum Mall
We went only to Platinum Mall only on the last day cos I was told Union Mall sells "better stuff". (Thanks N, I believed you for 2 trips T.T) Oh yea, ended up finding the better stuff at Platinum mall, SGD8 cheaper. Was told to just pretend I ate something for SGD8. But I can't, I can't...I just can't let go.

Was told off by my friends that you bought S$100++ designer stuff, what is SGD8?!? I just care about the small, micro things/ savings in life. Hmph! And by the way, Platinum Mall serves the best fries. Yum!

Mistake 3: Having Breakfast at Kuang Heng
We saw the long queue and decided to have this for breakfast and this possibly could be the worse decision/ food choice ever. It is just yucky. Never knew chicken rice could go so wrong. The soup tasted like dishwasher, the meat was tasteless, the rice was not as fragrant as what we had in Singapore. The toast and milk tea was overly sweet. Absolutely zero redeeming factor, good thing we had one to share.

Was told by my friends to do the world a favour and broadcast how shitty this is. Yucks! And now for the good stuff *winks* to end off on a good note.

Good Job 1: Going for massage twice
This made us a lot poorer. But yea we went for massage twice in our 4D3N, even upping our budget for the second one. It was so so shiok and it made us kinda of addicted to massage for a while HAHAHA. But it was the best decision cos my feet were so damn tired with all the walking and shopping. And we highly recommend Healthland - Asoke.

It is a little more exp than what you find on the streets. But you get to be pampered, for the price of a neighbourhood massage in Singapore. Thumbs up, well done!

Good Job 2: Eating Mango Sticky Rice everyday
Don't think this place has a stall name, but the mangoes here are absolutely divine. We had mango sticky rice - warm, cold and even the smoothie. Everything was naturally sweet and affordable too. I love it so much I even thought of franchising it in Singapore. Had so much good mangoes, I am off it for a while. Yums! Do try them while you are there.

 Good Job 3: Dining at Asiatique
Personally, I thought Asiatique was quite a boring place. Yes, it is beautiful and all. But nobody really shops there, and even if you see anything you like, you know you are going to get slaughtered if you walk in. Sigh. But it is really a nice place to chill. And we had one of our best meals here.

Following Google's recommendation, we had Ko Dang Talay and this time Google got it right. Cos it is one of the most satisfying, belly-bursting meals we had in Bangkok. The price is around S$30 per pax. I can't wait to go back next time with the BF so that we can get to enjoy this together and maybe catch a Muay Thai match since he is crazy about their matches lately.

 Neutral 1: Staying at Pratunam Hotel
This one is a little more contentious cos this hotel is amazing. The thing is do you need such excessive luxury. The first 2 nights we stayed in the suite, it had so much space and even a vanity table. This hotel even came with a pool which I never used. We downgraded ourselves on the last day to a normal room.

But because we were "skilled negotiators", we managed to get it upgrade to some more premium but less luxurious. We had the great showers without the excessive space. :P And it came with free breakfast - full international spread. Maybe I will stay here again? I dono. At least the place is convenient and located in a safe, populated streets for an all-ladies gang. :P

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