Saturday, July 21, 2018

Skip the Wait, Be Ahead with Eatsy

Not too long back, I tried out this app, Eatsy. Using Eatsy, you can order on the go and skip the queue. Like some other apps e.g. Fave, Eatsy comes with a reward function. On top of promo codes which can be used more than once, you will also get a cashback after every meal. This sounds like a huge deal of savings.

What I really like about Eatsy over Fave was that the promo codes will automatically be applied. So, you don't really have to worry about missing a good deal. And, the cashback is not fixed to the specific retailer. Earn S$5 and you can get it back in cold hard cash. WOW!

I had my first trial at Park Bench Deli cos I was in that area and the review was pretty good. So Eatsy is pretty smart and can change the menu from breakfast to lunch. And you can also see the full set of food available. It is great for me cos I really like to do my miscellaneous stuff on my commute.

Considering I arrived at lunch time, I managed to skip the queue. My only grouse was that Eatsy doesn't chope you a seat. It is a good takeaway app but not so if you want to have a seat. (P.S. I did get a seat though.) Personally, I felt the app pretty fuss-free and intuitive. :)

I didn't get to try the split - bill function. But if all your friends are on the app, the bill can be split and charged nicely. No need for paylah after the meal. Or you can also treat your friends on the app. Cool huh. And the receipt function is also pretty awesome. It gives you a very good breakdown, in case your acquaintance demand a breakdown of the bill...voila there you go.

From what I know, the app is looking into the morning coffee rush which I am pretty excited about. :) The current list of restaurants on the app is decent but I really hope the list grows longer because I am a gal that loves variety. :P Do download the app and enjoy the promo... who knows how long such discounts will last right? You heard it from me here :P

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