Thursday, August 2, 2018

Bow Wow Wow

The last photoshoot left me a rather depressing realisation. I always thought bow ties were kinda of cute. There was something preppy about them, so I had this obsession to bow everyone up for the wedding. I was really excited when I got my hands on some bowtie by Handworks by Keren.

Generally, bow ties are a pretty one-size fit all accessory. And I thought I had all grounds covered by finding something customisable and convenient. I just can't imagine my brother and father having the patience to tie their bows so I got them all the pre-tied bow tie.

So here's the big problem I failed to spot early. Some people look absolutely ridiculous in bow ties. My bf and father are good examples. Maybe it is because the bows are smaller, so the people with bigger heads just don't look smart in it. And with much research, I realise there are different types of bows. *smacks head*

The silver lining is that my brother actually look pretty darn good in a bow. He was pretty happy that everyone couldn't wear their bows...because this means he now has a greater selection of pre-tied to choose from. In fact, he took so much photos of himself looking smart...he seems almost narcissistic.

Just because my journey to a grand wedding bow hasn't been smooth doesn't mean yours wouldn't. I think for one, you should first at least take some head measurements and have different bow sizes to fit the different head circumference. I have posted a few photos of brother to prove to you how smart some people look.

Personally, I liked the more flamboyant prints. But the boys preferred the simple solids, mixed with some texture stripes. Handworks by Keren has quite a bit of unique fabrics, so you can have a bit of choice to mix and match to give the bows a bit of a pop. And because they are handmade, you can also request the bow shapes :)

Also, I wanted to give a shout-out to Handworks by Keren. Keren is actually from Indonesia so the mail was a bit slow. But she was so helpful in assisting me in monitoring and updating me on the mail package. Just so you know each bow is painstakingly handmade and not off the shelf.

Apart from bows, Keren also makes pretty pouches and looped bags. So do support her if you are a fan of handmade stuff. And just for your eyes only, I managed to get some behind the scene photos. *Proof that it is handmade* Quote "ForFunk" and you will get to enjoy some discounts too! :)

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