Saturday, September 29, 2018

Thrill of the Grill

The last few days I have been literally binging on good food, till my tummy felt kinda of sick. But, now I am missing all the rich pricey food. OMG. Lol, and I started having cravings for buffets. o.O

If you are also missing grilled food like me, Lime Restaurant is launching a Thrill of the Grill where you will be able to savour the distinct flavours of char-grilled meats and seafood cooked on an outdoor grill. Best of all you can beat the heat and enjoy the delicious food in an air-conditioned restaurant.

Thrill of the Grill will only be available from restaurant for three weeks from Friday 5 to Sunday 21 October. Menu highlights from the smokin’ hot Thrill of the Grill menu include Lamb Shish Kebabs, Wagyu Beef Cubes, Pork Belly Char Siew and Chicken Tandoori. And if if enjoy seafood, there’s also Seabass in Spicy Yellow Sauce, Sambal Marinated Squid, Oyster Kicap Manis and Clams with Kam Heong sauce.

In addition, the International specialties and local favourites such as  Mushroom Risotto, Potato Rosti  Laksa Noodles, Chilli Crab Pasta, and Kueh Pie Tee will still be available. Yum. It is almost like getting your food fix all at one place.

‘Thrill of the Grill’ is available daily from 5th to 21st October 2018 between 6.30pm and 10.30pm

SGD88++ per adult inclusive of free flow coffee and tea
SGD44++ per child between 4 and 12 years old

(Prices quoted are in Singapore dollars and subject to 10% service charge and 7% goods and services tax.)

Psss. you enjoy 10% savings when you dine with four paying adults or more, valid from Monday to Thursday only. For dining reservations and enquiries, you can connect with us at +65 6809 8899 or email

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Wedding Journey: Hui Niang Jia

Because the hubby's side of the family was highly traditional, we could only go back on Day 3. And boy am I happy to be home. We spent our 2nd night at Hotel Mono. Compared to our suite at Fullerton, it was small and squeezy (definitely more cramp than the picture shown above.)

Sumptuous breakfast wasn't provided. And there was no fancy gym or pool available. And it is not cheap too. But still, at least it is clean and at Chinatown where you can get a good supply of Liang Teh. :D

So, the day after my wedding was my birthday. Yea, I got a good deal of feedback by people calling me "心机女“ for plotting to get married a day earlier. :P But, the truth is this was a date picked based on the Chinese Calendar and because my grandfather passed away, I would have to be wed off between 49 and 100 days anyway.

Fullerton provided us a pretty cake which we used for my birthday. Unfortunately, it taste really awful. I just had a bite for tradition sake and tossed the rest away. Maybe it was stomach. But I really don't like heavily-iced cake and the chocolate was not moist enough for my liking. (We almost wanted to serve this during reception that day. Thank god we didn't!)

And cos I think I had too much good food and too little water the day before, my tummy felt queazy. I vomited on my on birthday and had to cancel dinner plans for yet another heavy dinner. But, it was a good choice cos I managed to enjoy comfort food from A-one Claypot. It was so frigging satisfying.
We had:-
  1. Dried Scallop with Frog's Meat Porridge
  2. La-la White Beehoon (Hubby said I shouldn't eat it given my tummy but I didn't care :) )
  3. Homemade beancurd with "Chai-po" in Hong Kong-style sauce (The Chai-po is fried which is something I didn't really like that much)

My parents didn't ask for much. The only thing they insisted was that we bring home 8 oranges and to be home in auspicious colours. I don't usually go to NTUC that often, but I managed to pick through sheeer eyepower some decently juicy oranges. (Bought 9 cos it was cheaper in 3s haha) and had to borrow a shirt of the hubby cos I have not much auspicious clothes.

Our in-laws also gave me some stuff to bring home. And my parents gave me some wedding gifts to "tide over bad times". The ditzy blonde in me sort of then concluded getting married is a good thing cos you get a lot of presents. :D <3

At night, my Dad bought us out for dinner at Peach Garden @ OCBC Centre. He was dying to go there for the longest time. I also noticed that my Dad kinda of dote on his new son-in-law. My Dad actually really wanted to eat the seafood fried rice. But when I told him, my hubby really like to eat Ee-fu mian. My Dad changed the order immediately. (-_-) He doesn't even treat his daughter half as well.

I think we over-ordered as well cos it is a happy occasion :P Overall, I felt that the food was a bit on the salty side. But it could be well because of my tummy instead. 3 days married, and I still love every moment of it.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Affordable Bridal Nails: Casa de Nails

Actually, I wanted dried flower nails for the actual day wedding to match the theme. But one thing I learnt, pictures online are very different on your fingers. Thankfully, Lynette from Casa de Nails was nice enough to do another last minute design when the dried flowers doesn't seem to be working on my nails.

Personally, I prefer a more simple design. But because it is wedding nails, Lynette picked a more elaborated design. It took me a while getting used to it because I am not that used to having so much pearls and gems on my nails.

The weather was dreary for the last few days and my sinus acted up, I really hope it doesn't rain on the actual day. At Lynette's house, I was feeling a bit groggy but she managed to engage me throughout. I kept sniffling and some of the tissue bits got stuck in the gel nails. T.T Nonetheless, she patiently remove them and re-do the pearls when I could barely keep still. Thank you for not scolding me Lynette.

Although I won't say the nails are usually the highlight of the wedding, but if there is nothing on it, it may look too plain. Plus you needa thank your guest and shake their hands at the end of the wedding. (The texture of the nails will distract them from the roughness of your hands LOL! kidding.) If you live in the west, I would really recommend Casa de Nails if you are looking for value-for-money services. Here's just a teaser of my fingernails at its finest. Keep a lookout for the actual day photos when they are out. :D

Sunday, September 9, 2018

My type of Hen Party

By now, I think it is kinda of obvious your girl is marrying soon :D So far, I think I still feel kinda of chillax mainly because I am pretty no-frills. I didn't really have a hen party as well because I thought it was kinda of degrading for me to go around doing the female version of a "fuck-boy" dare.

But still, I had chosen my army of ladies who have sworn to protect my house gates from my BF and his clones. Oh ya, by the way, our theme is his clones versus my twins. So basically, our friends are going to dress like us. Haha.

The funny thing is the BF actually has a more distinct trademark fashion. He always polo tee with khaki shorts. In fact, most of our photos always have him wearing the same few clothes. Sometimes I wonder if anyone think I shot all the photos in a day. I on the other hand, had more varied fashion. But in the end, my friends pointed out that I had a love for pinafore dresses and skorts.

But because pinafore dresses were not really typical staples, my friends didn't have them in their wardrobe already. And so, we settled on skorts which was more functional in their opinion. So basically, for my "hen party", we deco-ed my house with my other BFF's old wedding deco (too lazy to buy new ones). I pretty suck in handicrafts so both my friends did the fluffing. We then quickly had a run through of the draft programme.

Despite being a bo-chap bride, I still had some "standards" and was "threatening" to fire my friends as bridesmaid if they failed to hit their KIP. B was kinda of grumbling "not like I am being paid for such BS...and you wanna fire me". Little did they know I had Bridesmaid Gift boxes from Giftsbyraz prepared for them. Just to share, the content of these boxes are pretty awesome, so obviously they had to sort of "earn" it.

My friends were really please with their gifts and seem more motivated to work harder. Gah. If you are a fellow bride, these gift boxes are really awesome. For just $30 each, you get:-
  1. 5 packets of slimming tea 
  2. 1 facemask
  3. 1 pouch
  4. 1 Reese lipbalm (This is damn dope la)
  5. 1 Crabtree & Evelyn Hand cream (Like what!)
  6. 1 packet of mints
  7. 1 Organic Essential Oils from EssentialsforQ (This is darn good by the way!)

To end off the day, we had dinner at a cafe rather near my house...W39. I have never really been there cos my Dad has always commented that the food was kinda of overpriced. But you know what it was worth every penny. It was so delicious and the portion was huge. And if you bring your dog, you can even get 10% off. We had the:-

Truffle fries (S$11): The portion was huge
Vegetarian Linguine (S$16): For my vegetarian friend
Confit of Duck Leg (S$23): My friends thought it was good but I felt it was kinda of too dry for me. The potatoes at the side were also too tough for my liking.
Teriyaki Salmon (S$23): This was awesome and I wished I had picked this instead.
Rose Caffe Latte (S$5.50): This is frigging yummy!
Beetroot Latte (S$6.50): This is a special but I felt that the beetroot taste was too strong.
W39 Purple Lemonade (S$8.40): To be honest, most of the drinks we bought, we did it for the gram.

Only the rose caffe latte was awesome, the rest I felt was not not too bad but not mind-blowing either. The ambience was pretty good and we could stay really long there (like 4 hours) to chat non-stop and play with Pitu. Hehe. Considering my friends were from different cliques, I never knew they had so much in common. I guess birds of a feather always flock together. :D

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Beerfest 2018: No Signboard Seafood

This is the first time ForFunk has been to the Beerfest and we have to admit this is pretty dope. Yummy food, great drinks and lively performances all in one place, no wonder our spirits (no pun intended) are kept high. So Beerfest is from 30 Aug to 2 Sept, if you miss it this time round, no worries there is always next time!

If you are like me and you get bored easily, you will be happy to know that the selection of food and drinks is huge. There are a lot of intriguing drinking food/snacks that I have not tried before. And you can try out lots of drinks and spirits that are not normally found in the supermarket.

Best of all they are all very reasonably priced. And if you are not comfortable with venturing too much into the unknown, you will be happy to see some familiar brands. With the amount of activities there, you can keep yourself occupied for a whole day in a beautiful garden. So S$20 entrance fees, I think it is quite worth it. :P

We didn't get to try out most of the food, cos we didn't go in a huge group. Here's what we tried. I am sure many of you have before of No Signboard Seafood. They are really famous for their chilli-crabs and that's what we went for too! Yummy! We espically love how the fired mantou taste when it is dipped into the sauce.

No Signboard Seafood also newly launched their flavoured dumplings and it was delish. If you like dumplings bigger with more of the chewy skin, these may be what you are looking for. The flavours are really unique - Chilli Crab, Bak Ku Teh, Mapo Tofu, Mushroom and Truffle and Ebi Prawn. Please try Bak Ku Teh cos you can't find it any else where.

We also tried the newly launched draft beer which went really well with the salted-egg fish-skin. As it newly bought over by No Signboard Seafood, it will soon be launched in all leading supermarkets. The beer complements zi-char food really well and is a refreshing palette-cleanser.

We will probably be seeing more of them on CNY hotpots, given its affordable price point! :D So here's how much we consumed:-
  1. Dumplings (Serving of 5) - S$12
  2. Signature Chilli Crab and 8 pieces of mantou- S$40
  3. A huge box of Salted Egg fish skin - S$10 
  4. 1 Pint of Draft Beer - S$5
We can't wait for the next beer fest already!!!