Monday, April 27, 2015

Lithpix: Magic under Light

Presenting to you the coolest thing ever! This is totally magic. After I posted it on Instagram, my friends started asking me about it. Well, I am the kid with the funkiest toys in town. :P Box of Cool
So this thing came in really simple box. Every magic has humble beginnings doesn't it. My heart skipped a beat as my fingers fumbled with the box. Ground-breaking technology, I have seen my friend posted tons of her 3D printing projects on her Instagram. But mine...was way cooler.
And the instructions for processing it was easy. I just had to send a picture, insert caption if any. Select the shape (circle/square or rectangle) I picked the circle and square, just to review if there were any rough cuts on the round and sharp edges. Lastly, you just have to decide whether you wanted a key hole to make it a keychain.
I saw this and I was like "Huh" It wasn't supposed to look like this. I bit my lip. My heart sank a little. And when I am confused, I inspect everything under the sunlight. I did that to the lithpix too.
Then...I saw magic!
Tada, it is so impressive isn't it? Yup, this is the first time I am putting the BF's photo up cos it seems to defeat the purpose to show you the sharpness of the lithpix.
So, what is a lithpix? The lithpix is an engraved art piece made by printing layers after layers on top of each other. The thickness of each layer would depend on the colours of the picture and also the processing. Each layer (as thin as 1mm) act as filter for lights. So when light is passed though, the magic begins and the image can be seen.
Also, you could also make a nametag keychain which you can customise youself using MS paint or any picture editing tool. Currently, only white is available but I believe in time, any rainbow is possible. At Persona 3D Studios, all pictures and orders are processed in an image editing software to optimize printing quality. The edited picture are then sent to the 3D modelling machine to be materialised!
Revolutionary, isn't it? Considering Mother's Day and Father's Day is coming, this would make a very eye-popping gift and it is not going to burn a hole in your pocket! I am pretty sure most of you are quite intrigued by it already. Get one youself too. *Wink* Click on the link here. :)

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