Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Funky Find: Pitu Me

This app is really too cool not to be shared. My whole family is playing with it now. If your Instagram is trendy, you would see some of the people you are following using the app too. It took quite a while before someone was kind enough to tell me which app it was. Why so selfish people!
And I guess the reason why I am so crazy about this app is because it let you have a look on how you would look like if you were in some Period Drama show. Cool right? It is definitely a way more imaginative filter. So me being really generous about the fun I am having shall give away the app name - Pitu.
If I am not wrong, this is some China app based off some Chinese online drama. Considering I even gave you the link, I doubt you will download the wrong app. :D There are like 12 characters for you to choose from, with 6 of each gender. So you can even know how you would look like if you were a man thousand years back.
Personally, I think I look really good as a guy, not too bad as a lady too. My Mum said I have nice features. <3 Haha, but I think I really do look weird in about 4 of the pictures. I like the top 2 from the guys filter as well as the ladies in green and purple. :D There are other filters available too, but I find them generic. (But my family find it otherwise)
Presenting my best 4... :D For the guys filter, I think most people would look good in that 2 filters. My favorite from the ladies were a little bit different from the masses. I thought I look best with my hair up (Pretty enough to be a Royal Concubine. Hehe.) Actually, I look good with my hair bunned up too in modern times :D
It is pretty fun really! All you have to do is to take a photo of yourself with your features in the square. You could use a pre-taken photo in your album to prank your friends (Pst, I did that on the BF and he look horrid..Ahhh!) But, I don't think the effect is as good. 
Here's the photo of me I used for you to laugh at. High flat forehead. Hahahaha. Here's some useful tips: You needa pull your fringe away unless you want a shadow on your eye which will look like a birthmark in your period photos. And try not to smile with your teeth, it is ungraceful and you will look horrid and awfully weird. Thinking of it, nobody in period drawings ever smile with their wide do they?
Notice the bumps on my forehead clearing, shall share with you this pretty awesome product on my next post. Keep a look out peeps :D Meanwhile, have fun :D

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