Saturday, March 16, 2013

Celebrating 10 years of friendship

Just realise it is the 10 years anniversary of our friendship. Yea, we knew each other since High School. Somehow, we were in a clique and stuck together till now.

How times flies! Perhaps, we should make a priority in celebrating friendship anniversaries just like how we celebrate romantic courtship anniversaries with our significant others. After all, friendship definitely can stand the test of time better than relationships. =)
And if you noticed something, 10 years down the road, and we still take photos in the same arrangement? Old habits die hard. Hahaha!
I think we all play a role in this group. WQ is the vain(undoubtedly) and idealistic one. I am the crazy and irresponsible one. (Needs more growing up) Cat is the impatient and ambitious one. GYY is the down-to-earth and sensible one. I think we make a pretty neat combination if you ask me. LOL!
I got invites to KU DÉ TA, MBS hotel longue. It is not a real "club" if you ask me. The view up there was splendid really. Actually, I think the invites were supposed to come with free drinks. Oh well.
I think the ambiance and atmosphere were not too bad. I think I will go up again next time when I "make it" in life next time. Short video from my friend.

After drinking, we just boringly took a stroll down the river and camped at LV. Lol. Great spot for random girl talk if you ask me. =P 
Sharing more arty-farty photos with some random candid shots I took. The girls thought it was unglam. I think it is cute. =( It reflects the real us. HAHA...fooling around.

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