Wednesday, September 4, 2013

S.E.A Aquarium: Under the sea they sing all day

I must have been a mermaid my past life because I love the sea so so much, to the extent I wanted to be a sailor. Ok, I know that's really overdoing it. But fortunately, I happen to know a lot of man who went/ is going to sea! Haha, at least there are people to live my dream!
The BF suggested going to the S.E.A Aquarium at Sentosa, which is not even in the list of my-things-to-do. Haha. For those who do not know, SEA Aquarium is the world's largest aquarium and it is a lot more breath-taking than the Underwater World!
The main center piece is so jaw-dropping (yup it is in the center of the pictures but the photo doesn't do justice to it) that when I saw it, I immediately nudged him and told him to stop taking photos of the other little tanks cos that was the main highlight. I literally lost interest in anything except that center piece. Haha! Apart from the petting session which really fascinated me. It was like fear factor! I got to touch baby sharks, sea cucumbers (yummy!) and even starfishes (which are actually named sea stars as I was promptly corrected by the guide when I oohed Starfish!)
The place is just so pretty. There are so many fishes that after a while, I just couldn't differentiate which tank was which. The smart BF says they are sorted according to colour. I don't know I think they may be sorted based on their types and the salinity of water they live in though. It is just so nice to see so many creatures stay together somewhat harmoniously despite their differences. Why can't humans do that too?
We spend about 3 hours plus there. We only left because I was hungry. Just looking at the fishes made me hungry, I think I can't work there, I might just chomp them all down. I think we could stayed there all day if we wanted to, to make the most out of the tickets. Haha! But we did take a lot of photos, because after a while I realised that the way to take beautiful shots, is to take a lot of them. Not all would turn out well, so if let's say only 10 percent would be Getty Images standard. You would have to take at least 100 photos. I know...sometimes even I am impressed with my own intelligence. LOL!
Photographs with people in it didn't really turned out that great. I don't know partially we ain't that great photographers and also personally, I think there is no way we can be even more eye-catching than the fishes in the aquarium. It is kinda sad in a sense, playing second fiddle to cold-blooded...fishes. Haiz!
On the side note, I have noticed the BF photography skills improving by leaps and bounds. I think I am such a great model letting him practice on me. I have the patience of High School teacher. No, actually he has been bullied by me to take a lot of graduation photos of me with my friends. Practice make perfect!
I think this week alone, we have spent so much time together that I can safely say dang he surprises me sometimes. LOL! I have seen the more fun side of him which is rather astonishing. I was first shocked by how sporting he was at the STGCC and now I saw the geez cute side of him at the SEA Aquarium. Multi-faceted man but quite disgustingly lovable HAHAH! I just hope my flaws are not overflowing out and overwhelming him. Teehee...I love taking poser shots and he seemed to figure me all out after a while.
Generally, the souvenirs there are really cheap. But I just have a weird fascination for such machines after I came back Europe. It just seems fun to collect them all. I sound like some Pokemon trainer. Hehe. So I got him the manta ray one cos he adores them. I even spent a good deal of my time snapping shots of them which some came out blurry. These creatures swim too fast! (I think I am a great GF really, I deserve brownie points for putting in effort!)
He insisted getting me one too, so I got Lion Fish one. The design was the nicest in the collection. I call them the lucky penny. Apparently his penny is luckier than mine because more great things happened to him than me. *He even thrashed my record in a game. :(
Overall, I think the S.E.A Aquarium is a nice place to go whether for lovers, friends or family. It did get a lot of "oohs" and "ahhs" from me. I am surprised no one told me "shh" for disturbing the serenity of the beauty of it all.

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