Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Evolution of the Luxury Watch

Today I shall play teacher and bring you people through a history lesson. Hopefully, you will leave this site feeling more educated, sophisticated and knowledgeable.

Watches tell us the time, but now we shall walk through time with the evolution of luxury watches. It is really interesting to know some trivial facts. You will soon know the first luxury watch, the top grossing branded watch brand, the most popular luxury watch brand and the most complicated timepieces.


Evolution of the Luxury Watch

Personally, I really like Cartier and Omega. What differentiates luxury timepieces is their excellent craftsmanship and exceptional quality satisfying the need and desire for opulence as we transcend through time with age.

While our generation is moving towards checking time on our mobile phones, sometimes I feel it is really empowering to wear watches. Strapping time to your wrist, making sure every moment shall freeze in time with our memories. Beautiful isn't it?

Leaving you all with a quote on time:

The time is always right     To do what is right
                                                                                  -- Martin Luther King

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