Friday, August 15, 2014

Convocation Day: Match it up with Karler Pin Badge

Convocation Day
I had mine last year. And this year, I am invited as a guest. I don't remember last year to be as boring. Maybe I was too engrossed with fixing my mortar board and making sure I look my best for my "that one shot"! Haha~~~
Of cos, the grand entrance by the professors in all their different robes is still as impressive as ever. It reminds me of Harry Potter. :)
Receiving the graduation gifts, I think is really one of the highlights of the convocation. Best is if it could be displayed in photographs. :P But for guys, it is really hard to shop for them a gift. Reason being I am afraid giving them flowers or teddies may undermine their masculinity.
And so I sourced high and low and came across another rather interesting gift - apart the pot of flowers from Florasia. And they are these really adorable pin badges from Karler. It is really dainty and I really like the attention to detail they put to the mortar board. I received some scrapbooking materials from Karen too but I have yet to try them out. Will review on them when I have an occasion to scrapbook about :)
I only pinned it on BF after his convocation before he loitered off to cam-whore with his buddies. I think he was rather pleasantly surprised because it was something different to begin with and it was rather easy for me to bring (and hide) to surprise him.
I like the fact that the pins came in 5 different colours, meaning you could match your hood colour:
Blue: Science School in NTU
Green: Sport Science Management of NTU
Purple: Nil (If you really like purple)
Yellow: Engineering School in NTU
Orange: ADM of NTU, NBS of NTU
** Would be nice if had red though :( That would have really completed the spectrum.
Some photos I took while waiting for the BF. Think my dress is gorgeous? I have another review on it coming up really soon :) Stay tune yea? I do look not as good as I used to. Had stomach flu the days before and I thought I was going to die.
Worse time of my life cos I really needed to recover to attend the convocation and fly to Taiwan. Thank god I managed to crawl there eventually.
The Gift
For those who are interested, this is what I got him. I placed a message inside the custom-made pencil box. And hahaha~~We had a pre-photoshoot before the actual convocation with him holding Florasia potted plants. 
It was that day which I thought I was feeling stronger and the next thing I knew, I relapsed. It was a really heart-wrenching moment when you know you might not be able to go overseas or anywhere. :(
This post was supposed to be up on the convocation day itself, but I was so busy with my itinerary I didn't manage to post it up in time. I hope your loved one convocation wasn't this year cos you might have just missed a nice gift for them.
But fear not, if you really do want to buy something from Karler, cos they hold other accessories as well. My personal favourites are the glass globe necklace, buttons earrings (with dangling birds) and the ceramic charms. All which I feel are not so commonly found in the market.
Share my taste in gifts or my eye in fashion, do drop Karler a visit. Karen is a really nice lady. XOXO, till next time!

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