Sunday, November 30, 2014

Handicraft Time with Pretty Lovely Crafts

I thought it would be cool to launch a new series on craftwork which some of you may be interested. :)
Amigurumi has been pretty in lately, so today we have Fiona from Pretty Lovely Craft to teach you lucky readers how to make a very adorable cupcake bear. So without further ado, let's get into our craft mood.
1. Using brown yarn and a crochet hook, make a ring.
2. Use single crochet in ring method to make the start of the bear's head.
3. Continue to crochet as the bear's whole body is formed.
4. Just before closing up the hole, prepare fiberfill for stuffing.
5. Use fingers to stuff fiberfill into bear.
6. Close up the hole after stuffing with fiberfill.
7. Using embroidery needle, weave the end of the yarn through the bear, exiting from another side of the bear.
8. Crochet the two ears.
9. Using embroidery needle, sew on the two ears on top of the bear's head.
10. The bear with ears sewed on.
11. For the eyes, use pins to position beads and sew on using needle and thread.
12. For nose, cut a small triangle of black felt. Glue on nose and you cupcake bear is completed!
Cupcake Bear
Tada, presenting the end product of the cupcake bear. Isn't it lovely? For those who aren't too keen to make it yourself, you can visit Pretty Lovely Craft to place your order. Each bear comes in a box and even being mailed out, mine came in perfect condition! Not even a dent in the box.
Pretty Lovely Crafts
By now, Fiona has really nimble fingers. I am sure you would want to see more of her works on ForFunk. So do like her Facebook Page - Pretty Lovely Craft and show her some love as well as see more of her crafts!
I hope you like the cupcake bear she has for you now. Till next time :)

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