Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Caturday Cafe: Feline Date in Bangkok

This is a long belated post simply because I was too lazy to transfer my video clips out of my Go Pro. I concluded that age has caught up and I am no longer as tech-savvy as I used to be and so I will be sharing mainly raw clips and the usual collage.
But still, I am sure you will enjoy the post if you are a fluff lover because all the cats are so annoyingly adorable. Hehe. So you might have already saw the photo on my Instagram that I went to Caturday Cafe when I was in Bangkok.
I don't usually say this often but I am definitely going there again. Firstly, it is quite conveniently located, near the Platinum Fashion Market. So, this can totally be a pit stop when you want to take a rest from all the shopping you do. Secondly, the cats are really cute, such that I was instantly converted to a cat lover. And lastly, it is really affordable. For around S$10, we had a drink and cake and could stay as long as we like in Caturday, until the cats got bored of us. :D
Caturday doesn't have too big an area so please be prepared to queue abit. The cat above is a stray cat but so many people showed so much love to it while they were queuing. He is really no different from the Cafe Cat. Beautiful little stray.
So without further ado, check out some of the kitties. It is embarrassing to admit that half of the time I wasn't really on my seat but chasing after the cats to catch a good shot of them. I was there in the late evening so at around 5pm, the felines got kinda of sleepy and so I mostly got photos of them taking 40 winks.
I guess it is important to pick the right time to go. I don't have any cats at home so I can't advise you on a good time. But don't go at 5pm. I find their cutest moments are when you are teasing them with toys etc and their eyes spark up with curiosity. That would really make you squeal. <3
The cats there are really mild and gentle. So even if they are sleepy, they would be grouchy and scratch you. The thing is most of us go to a cat cafe to take lots of portraits of the cats engaging in different activities and trying to catch their attention. Sleeping cats are nice to pet but less entertaining to watch.
Of course just because they have a good temper doesn't mean you can go around doing what you like, annoying or hurting them etc. They would still glare at you even though they won't snarl at you. Upon entering the cafe, there will be a picture on the ground rules to follow. You can't feed them; you can't pull their tail and you don't disturb the sleeping ones. 
I am not sure if I entirely followed the rules considering I had so many photos with sleeping cats. So obviously, I did a lot of stretches and Yoga posts to be in the shots with the sleeping cats. Haha. That's how much I wanted to be with them even if they didn't want to be with me.
So here's one of the many raw videos I took at Caturday. I took it using a Go Pro so the resolution isn't fantastic and I am still like getting used to the camera so it is quite shaky. Ooops. But it is quite a good summary of what you will see in the Cafe.

And since I got a photo of my food. Here's what I ate there. For S$10 plus, you get a delicious drink and yummy slice of cake. I thought it was a pretty sweet deal, literally Haha. The cake and drink is great dessert material. I would have eaten more if I was there on an empty stomach.
But seriously, nobody goes around Bangkok without their tummies full. If you want to know what to eat, you can check out this post. And this comes to our end of our feline journey. You can check out the other posts on the things to do in Thailand. :D

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