Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shopping Research

Considering I come from a nation of smart shoppers, it is no surprise that I take pride in the fact of being Little Miss Know-it-all (in another league away above the rest) about the best deals in town.  
But on some awful days, when terrible miscalculations and misdirection takes place, I become little Ginger Bread Girl...
 So much self-hatred taking place. How could I! How could I! How could I make such a silly mistake! How could I not know the next shop is selling at 50 per cent off?!? And it is the same item too!!! *inserts glum face* All this negative thoughts is bound to let Little Ginger Bread Girl self-destruct and plunge into the milk paradise! I believe some of you readers can sure relate to this anguish feeling.
Good Deal Alert
Being the ever-caring young lady, today I will be introducing you to a super good site that will gives you comprehensive updates on pricing, promotions and sales information to fuel every girl's shopping wants and needs. *For all you know, with this site, you will now be in my league :) *

Of course, most of us belong to Generation Explorer. Haha, I coin this term myself LOL! But it pretty much means that we belong to a group that practically uses the internet for everything - shopping, bookings and even learning. But that doesn't mean we don't shop in a brick and mortar store? Well after all, some of us still wanna touch, try and feel our purchases before we actually commit to it. 
Presenting to you, now you can be a smart shopper, knowing where all the best deals and never ever having to live in regret of missing a promotion again. How good can it be right!
This site shows you all the greatest deal within your vicinity. With some online research, you can shop offline like a pro with the knowledge of all the best bargain haunts. Especially for tourists, this would be real useful. shopping at its finest. 
 I have tried out the site for itself and honestly speaking, it is idiot-proof. Haha. Great for techno-know-nuts like me. Keying in Levi's in the search bar, I quickly got my nearest deal with *wow* exact location details of its nearest branch and a outline of the retailers' promotion. it worth it to make a trip down? Until 5 July? Still long way to go...maybe I can go there a day later?  
See now we can make educated choices and not act according to kiasu instincts :) 
Also, you can search via categories. I tried out with Toy Stores and I had a list of promotions. Really good isn't it? Offline shopping is made so much more cost-effective especially when you can tap on the sales and promotions for the products you are looking for.
infographic 2
The great news is that, according to Statistics, most of us already have the great habit of shopping research instilled in us. It is just that like what I say sometimes, even the best research has a blind spot. And for those moments the burnt hurt the most - outwitted despite tremendous effort. :(
But now, hopefully with Save22, we are all on a good way to becoming a smart shopper, having know where all the sales are. So all is left to say: have a great time shopping and saving. 
 Well, we sure have to thank technology! It makes us smarter and have a lot more material comfort with the same amount of money!!! YIPEE!!!

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