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Hi readers,
it is your lucky day and mine too for you to chance on this page because we have lots of discount code that will give you free credits. I am sure there are many codes out there, but I will only share those sites that I use and know they really give you the credits!
RedMart $10 Credits - Link
This is really quite awesome cos if you are lazy to go out and do your grocery. You can just buy them off the line. Some brands are cheaper here. No harm accumulating some free credits since they are necessity anyway. Spend more than $30 for free delivery. Spend more than $50 and I will get my referral $10. Otherwise, sian RedMart just got richer. Haha.
Shopback $10 Credits - Link
If you are a shopaholic, you are bound to like the rebates you are going to get from this. Heard it can be used with redmart so it is like rebates on top of discounts. Even my parents are doing it so I guess it is a good share since it is not age-specific. :P
Uber $10 Free Ride - Link
For days when the weather is really bad and you just want a ride. You can't use it for corporate claims cos they don't produce receipts. So for days on dates, or festive visits, this credits come in handy. P.S. They are cheaper than taxis too! Took it a few times under my BF account :P
Airbnb 35 Credits Off - Link
I am a huge fan of homestay. Went to tour Korea staying under mostly Airbnb and it was a wonderful experience. You can check out my stay here!
Sample Store - Link
I get points from it which is not very significant. Got quite a few sign-ups from my female friends. Very useful for pre-trips cos their sample sachets are small so you can use and toss!

Sugar App - Ref Code: 2hmk
I use them a lot for a drink near by place. I am like a vulture to be honest. I only buy when the deal is as low as 2 bucks. Yeap not kidding. But for a cheap deal, you really needa hunt around.

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