Just a very tiny collection of the most thoughful feedback from the people I have worked with to motivate myself to continue honing my craft in reviewing :) 
Extra adverts to you nice people *Hugs*

Thank you for the most wonderful review. We loved your review! We love your adding some of the history and personal love of kaleidoscopes. We do hope you love your new necklace and that you enjoy it for years. We would love to post some of your review on our site with your permission.
Jean & Karl from kaleidoscopestoyou.com. Read review here!
That is just so cute!! Made my day! I loved what you wrote, so cute and romantic YAY…I really wiah you all the best for the future and I would LOVE to design for your wedding  YAY xx
Clare from Angelica Florence Accessories. Read review here!
Thanks very much for the nice post. Appreciate the support and looking forward to working with you for future events
 Fulvia from Mount Faber Leisure Group Pte Ltd. Read review here!
Thank you for the review. It was great. Thanks for the suggestion too, I will take that into consideration!
Karen from Karler. Read review here!
thank you so much for the review! it's really well written *big thumbs up* and appreciate it much =) once again, thank you for your effort and really glad that you like the bracelet! ^^
Elaine from The Bubble Charms. Read review here! 

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