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This is a place where I share on anything and everything that makes me happy. I like to think that I have quite a flair for writing so if you appreciate a wicked sense of humour then I am more than glad to do an honest review for you.
Want to be featured?
Yes, I do exclusively feature sites, matching little things I have in my closet to your sponsored products. This is to put the site in the limelight and me in the...moonlight. (haha)
I am particularly interested in eco-friendly fashion and is a strong advocate for charitable fashion. So do hit me up if you are an organisation in such a business. I would be more than willing to work with you.
I am a cheerful girl who wears makeup, active and quite crazy. You could think of me as a hedonistic lunatic. =p
I do have a penchant for loud accessories and apparels although many days, I would dress demurely and act normal (until it gets kind of boring). Then I am back to my unpredictable self. Heh!
If your business targets young, spunky ladies who are into fashion and vintage or anything fun, I may just be a perfect fit for your advertising.
Toy Story
I am a big kid who love toys, particularly plushies, machinery and anything that fun which allows me to explore my creativity. Looking for young adults to do reviews on toys suited for a mature audience or people who are young at heart, you've found the right person!
To maximize your sponsorship:
I would suggest sending a product(s) to be featured. There will be links at the end of the post/video to increase your exposure. In addition, I hope that you can offer exclusive promotions for my readers so that they also can purchase products from your store at an incentive. =)
Alternatively, a giveaway is always welcomed. The item can either be the same product send for a review or something different.
This blog is relatively young but is expected to grow and reach out to new like-minded readers. For more information on the rates and blog statistics, please email me at contactforfunk@gmail.com

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