Friday, December 28, 2012

Toy Story: Nerf Gun Fanatic 1.0

Presenting to you...

Mattel Nerf N-strike Nite Finder Ex-3 Blaster with Light Beam Targeting
I received this for my birthday not too many months back! =D
What I like about the gun:
  1. It is small and portable and you can put it in your handbag. Great for surprise attacks!
  2. It is friendly indoors. The darts don't fly that far. They are easy to find! =D
  3. It is smaller and hence more easy on the pockets. 
Too bad they only come with 3 darts, which is rather disappointing. Gotcha run around to pick them up. And they do look a little amateurish, but nothing a spray paint cannot fix! =D
There's a laser too. For girls who don't aim well, this is just fantastic. I am a girl so I am not that into Nerf Gun specifications. As long as they shoot well, look cool and brings me lots of enjoyment and entertainment, it is good fun. =)

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