Monday, December 17, 2012

Food Review: Hello Santa @ Pizza Hut

Haha, at this rate, my blog may just be flooding with posts raving about Pizza Hut.

This time, I was invited by Santa to Pizza Hut to celebrate Christmas early. =D Well, I guess I must have been a really great gal this year. I worked my ass out for my project, attempted to go for most lectures and made significant effort to complete my tutorials. 
Seriously, Pizza Hut spoils their fans rotten. Lol! (Not that I am complaining =D ) They even made us cute frames with Santa so that we could remember this moment. Personally, I think it is thoughtful and was a really good surprise. My Dad loves it so much, he displayed it in the living room. Yup, his heart is totally bought over by Pizza Hut!
This time, Lady Luck was smiling on me. My group won the first game, a word game. I can't believe my Dad had the cheek to boast to my Mum that he was the key player of the team. -.- All he did was form short words no longer than 2 letters, and I swore he came out with less than 3 words. I managed to cough out 90+ words. Told ya gaming is good for the mind. =D
And OMG this time, we received so much goodies. Yup, you are right! My favourite is  the Xmas cap. Hehe! I always have a penchant for silly caps. And yiippppeeee, I got another apron! =D I was so afraid it would be the same design. I don't really like having doubles. =p
The menu was pretty much the same. This time I think they served an appropriate amount, the last time it was really too much. There was quite a significant amount of food wasted.
The only difference was that there is Hut's Platter. I think it is a good choice to order if you visit Pizza Hut because it allows you to try a bigger variety of their finger food. More value for money, if you ask me. =D
Birthday PizzaFor the lucky kids born in the month of Christmas, they got a lovely Birthday Pizza. Creative eh? Haha.
Like I say, Pizza Hut really knows how to make their fans feel special and loved. I think I was a fan since 2011..hmm or maybe is it early this year? Can't really remember...haha. #for now and eternity#
And, I got 50 dollars worth of Pizza Hut vouchers ~!~ 
Don't be jealous! =D You could also be pampered. Just add Pizza Hut on Facebook. It is just one click away and all these could be yours. Trust me, Pizza Hut treat their fans will be won over too. It is just a matter of time. =)

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