Thursday, July 25, 2013

LOTD: Moo Cow Moo

This is one of the most comfortable dresses ever. It is made of Linen you see :) Also, it is very my style, slightly bohemian and just very casual. It is a dress that allows me to be myself. I can hop around in meadows and moo about. Lol (Sorry, but a friend of mine said I looked like a baby cow in this!!!) Was slightly offended at first, but when I googled baby cows, my heart melted. I guess he was just trying to say I am cute!!!
The bracelet is also one of my personal favourite from Joe Brown. For girls and guys who enjoy a slightly more laidback style, you just got to check their site out! Honestly, I have so many favourites, I can hardly make a choice. And best of all their stuff are highly affordable. *Thumbs up*
Laidback Linen Tunic: Joe Brown
Truly Remarkable Bracelet: Joe Brown
Crochet Necklace: Gifted
Joe Brown
Apart from the set Keely has kindly provided, I created a collage with some of Joe Brown apparels and accessories that are of my style. Gorgeous, isn't it? Hopefully I will have a chance to model them some day. ^^

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