Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pretty Little Things Part 1

Decided to do something somewhat different today. Neh, not review sharing today. But more of doing an introductory post that might interest you people out there, well if you share the same great taste as me...haha =p
First up, we have DropDead!
Honestly, their stuff are so cool, it would really make you drop dead with desire. 
Kuro Onesie (50.00) - OMG this is just so cute <3
The Mountains Polo T-Shirt (20.00) - I just love the detailed breathtaking graphics
Burnout Bitch Shirt (40.00) - It is sort of sexy and not in a slutty way. This is the sultry me speaking.
Woof Woof Shirt (50.00) - I just like the way how the sleeves remind me of angel wings. I think this is what Kimono design. :)
drop dead
Bitchcraft Denim Dungarees (50.00) - It is simple yet it shows spunk. My style!
Floral Bikini (20.00) - I love the colours and how demure yet edgy it is...haha
Eat Shit Wrist Band (5.00) - It just such a self-explanatory message to some pricks out there.
Just some miscellaneous stuff I find really adorable ^^
Namaikina Plush (20.00)
Introducing Pop Pins all the way from Philippines, this will sure make your eyes pop and your heart melt. Remember soft drinks bottle caps? Yup they make customised jewelry out of them. How cool can it be right?
Last but not least, I am going to introduce to you very arty Tote Bags...from Inverted Commas.
They hail all the way form...ITALY! All the bags are only 15.00 and the designs are somewhat whimsical but so so vibrant. They really make you smile a little and inspire you to be a little more creative every day. Check out my 3 personal favourite designs - Lovers, Baby Blue and Redhead Woman. Yea, the hopeless romantic in me chose those that hints a moment to love pictures. Haha.
Inverted Commas
Well that's all folks. I hope you enjoyed this sharing session. Hopefully, we can do this quarterly. :)
To brands who want to be featured, feel free to contact me. May the most interesting brand reign supreme. Haha!

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