Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A new Chapter in Life

Yeah, I "convocated" finally.  Haha! *Dead giveaway on my age though*
Awfully blurry photos, in fact my parents did not get any decent shots throughout the whole ceremony or after the ceremony! They are terrible photographers :( Now, I have no choice but to wait for the professional shots. Sigh
2013-08-03 20.54.26
Tada...presenting the collection of soft-toys I have collected. Okay, I have an extreme soft spot for teddies and Stitch. Other than that, I am not really a fan of squashy soft toys.
There is still another bear, but Mum has cruelly mummified it in plastic to preserve it from pesky dust mites. It is just too tedious to un-mummify it for a photoshoot. Haha.
And to fellow graduates, I leave you the motto I live by! Have a great life and a Happy August ahead!

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