Saturday, October 19, 2013

Guess - Where I went?

Guess people, guess, where did I go?
It was quite a blogger-studded event. All beauties!
Beatrice was there!
Qiu Qiu too! (Practicing photo editing ;P)
Rachell attended too (Woa she really does looks hot in real life!)
Guess event
I think I have been giving so much frigging hints that everbody probably knows what event it is already by now!!! Haha! Did I hear Guess Watches Event!!! So smart of you!
The event was rather short though. But I was sick anyway, so I can't really stay that long. Feeling sleepy with medication :(
And OMG the exclusive tote we all received is super deceiving. You know it looks like demin but I think it is a soft water-proof like fabric with demin designs printed on it! Speechless, totally speechless and I love it too haha!
There is also a instagram contest. Do join, you may stand to win a Guess watch of your own. They have really some super fanciful design. Self-explanatory photo attached below :)

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