Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nu You Couples' Macarons Workshop

Guess what's cooking in the kitchen?
Nu You Macaron Couple Workshop.jpg
Lately, I have been very into baking, cooking and culinary what not? Desperate attempts in honing my homemaking skills to impress the potential in-laws LOL.
Saw this workshop and sort of hankered the BF to go together. He paid for it too, LOL! Guess that's my extended V-day present. Always badgering him to give me more than I truly deserve. That's the beauty of courtship period. :P
We were coached by Lin Weixian, founder of Bonheur Patisserie. We had to share our stuff with another couple. But they were really friendly and offered to take a lot of photos for us Haha. And it was great to have extra 2 pairs of hand. :P Cos the both of us are seriously unskilled.
I think I was a pretty diligent student. I took a lot of notes. :) Really eager to impress as you may say, and I keep insisting the BF to let his family try it if ours were really good. And he must credit me. :P
Me cooking.jpg
I thought our macaroons look pretty good. There were couples whose macaroons shattered in the oven. Ours came out fine. The BF did the round ones better. I just couldn't get the commas. But my heart shaped ones were gorgeous <3 But they are so dang fattening. Will probably see me ballooning up in my future posts :(
couple shot
Yea, Couple Shot! For couples who are keen to go on culinary lessons together, I think it is a really good way to build up partnership while spending time together. It is also a good way to see a person's character. Some people are more directive and authoritative. Others are laid-back.
I think I am more on my feet type of person. I am always the first to go collect stuff or wash stuff. Definitely react faster than him. But we are both quite chillax and seems ok with errors made along the way as opposed to couples who niam each other a bit when there are minor mistakes. Overall, it is great fun and the macaroons tasted so good. 

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