Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ship Ahoy: Bye Bye SG

For everyone who did not know, I went on a Caribbean cruise on the Legend of the sea.
It was such great fun and I took over 200++ photos on my iphone over a short span of 2 days. That is not even inclusive those from the family camera. :P
ParadeAnd on the first day, we were welcomed by the parade of crew as well as mascots. Felt a little like I was in a theme park. And I was totally shocked by the exploding red ball that announced the start of the parade.
Savoy TheatreSavoy Theatre is probably the heart of all big shows and programmes. I think I spend a good deal of time on board watching the 3D movies and Caribbean singers and dancers. Aunties and Uncles who don't really understand English may not like it. But since my last trip, I think they had put in more programmes to cater to the mandarin speakers. 
For me, I like such stuff. I am always clapping and cheering along. I prefer such participative atmosphere. Haha.
Ice SkatingYou may not be aware, but Legend of the Sea is the first vessel with an ice skating ring!!! And you get to skate on it too! It is not that big as JCube but it is decent. I did had a go on it and I think I want to learn how to ice-skate.
Oh yeah, there was this Russian ice-skater that was dangerously good-looking. But he had some attitude issues. Otherwise, I may refuse to step foot on land ever!!!
so many things
Apart from the ice rink, there is the rock wall, skate ring, miniature golf, pool, blah blah blah. The list really indeed run on.
And the photo whore in anyone would emerge. There are so many photo worthy places. Even Dad was like giving orders to take photos of him. -.-
IMG_1479And when the programme director tells you, the bed is for decoration only, he is not joking. Look, I only pose with the bed. Hahaha. There are so many frigging things to do that I think I came back sleep deprived.
Will probably do another post on the food soon. Cos I have so much photos of them. -.- Heez.

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