Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: Cup full of fibre goodness

Do you absolutely hate veggies? Cos I got a solution for you Veggie haters. :)
I got to sample some Vital Greens. It is sachet of carefully blend of nutrient dense greens, vegetables, fruits and fibre. And good news, it is fit for vegans and vegetarians as well. Hurray!
Vital Green
You will be glad to know that they don't taste too bad. It has a really strong wheatgrass taste though. So if you love wheatgrass, downing this cup of pure and natural goodness can't be that bad. 
But I am a vegetable lover, so I am still not going to forgo my daily fruits and veg for this drink. This will be my supplement drink. Cheers to a healthy lifestyle! :)

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