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As opposed to many veterans out there, I am not a seasoned blogger. The hype on blogging came around when I was in my mid-teens but I never did really caught on the craze, partially cos I did not have a personal laptop.

I only first started blogging during my uni days. I had a course on e-commerce. And I had not not slightest idea about html, social media what-not. So in order not to screw up, I started my own blog. What was a better way to learn about something by trying it out yourself right?

I think, therefore I Blog...Plus I guess I was a little bored
Every time I meet another blogger or media executive, the question "why you blog?" always pop out. Many assume is for the free stuff and event invites. Yes, the frivolous aspect is somewhat tempting, but blogging is honestly tough work and the freebies don't make it worth the value as you progress along in life.
I blog because I love writing! :D I want to continue penning down lovely ideas and sell dreams and interesting products to people. Copywriting is like my part-time job. Coming out with a beautiful phrase to sum up an entire paragraph words, this challenges my language skills. And because of the need to churn out content to entertain my readers on a weekly basis, I have a lot of practice for my writing. And I am glad that perhaps because of my numerous posts, many have commented on my fine writing ability. :)
My Perspecive My reality
I love writing and I want to create words, to connect thoughts, to share my opinions and to connect to those who care
The thing is I like writing. So blogging isn't really that difficult for me. It is just another different platform. And it allowed to share my views and influence people all around the world.
And I am happy when my writings are appreciated and being shared by many. A writer yourself, I think you should start blogging too. Because it is the fastest way to get your words noticed. Power of the words no longer lie in just a pen, it is with the flying fingers across the keyboard.
Because I realize a picture speaks a thousand words, and a personalized picture speak a million thoughts
I wasn't really good at taking photographs but through blogging I have learned how to angle (not very at it, but I am always learning)! It brought out the arty side in me (In this posts, you will see never been seen photos that I was using for my other blog when I was still studying.)
From zero to something, blogging has taught me to overcome difficulties in life. I spent a good amount of time in the quest of perfecting the art of photography (kidding more like figuring out the fundamentals) when I was overseas fiddling with my lousy camera and toying with paint and powerpoint. Yup, be prepared to be impressed. All this drawings, sketches and pictures are hand-drawn via paint or powerpoint. :) I didn't even know I could draw before this.
Lorax Love
I want to celebrate each moment and live my life with countless different experience
No doubt, I am an experimentalist. I started off blogging about my everyday life, particularly documenting about my travels in Oslo which got me shortlisted for a book award. Yipee! And then opportunities to review movies came. I am a huge movie buff then, so blogging really did entice me when I was a student because of the money I could save as a student watching previews with my friends.
And...when I was a little kid, I wanted to be a movie reviewer (sheepish look) cos I can have free movies to watch. LOL! And I thought if I started as a blogger reviewer, day I might be those Straits Times reviewer!
Guess I started adoring reviewing from then. And I started ForFunk, to study "Funkiology" on the hunt and study of Funk! Plus reviewing blogs overseas seems to be all Mama Bloggers who probably has more free time on their hands. From the market studies point of view, there was a gap for young dainty little reviewers which I humbly think I fit the bill :P
Sad Tale
A path never to regret or forget
And after I enter the workforce, I found out that blogging taught me something - and that was to be able to more efficiently break the ice with strangers. Also, I can better pitch my sales across to people. All those events meeting up with people I don't know and seeing marketers had let me take away precious communication skills and hone my craft in articulation. :)
Also, there are always blogging competition for you to showcase your creativity and flair for marketing, bringing out your competitive spirit. So for those out there who are thinking about becoming a blogger, I say go for it. You don't have to do it for fame or popularity. You could do it to improve yourself, presenting the best of yourself to the world.
be the best
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i love being a blogger

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