Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Review: Hey, let me measure it!

Ever since, I was given the measuring tape from Simple Gift Shop, I was like procrastinating on the review cos...I think I have become a measuring freak. Can't help it, since the measuring tape was so cute!
Measuring Tape
Here are some the many designs, guess which one I picked :P
Nope, I didn't picked Stitch, cos he looked so fierce and evil...ooo. I went for the cute Hello Kitty though I think the monkeys are really adorable too!
Hello Kitty
It is pretty much true to the picture as show online, but mine had a slight yellowish spot on its ear. Not that it is really that a big deal cos although it doesn't exactly fade away with time, its cuteness is pretty much still there.
So, you can pull out to a 90cm and to release it, you just have to press on the nose. Mine got stuck once, but it is just once out of the many. And psssttt, I can be quite violent with my stuff. It is of rather good quality to be in a piece! Hahaha...
Of course, every females need a measuring tape, especially when you are blogshopping. You needa know your waist and bust circumference. And we may sometimes measure ourselves just to know if we expanded sideways...Oh no! There are also times I measure my wrist or even finger so that I can get accessories of better fit.
And lately, I have been offering my measuring services to anyone who requires it (or don't require it).
Mum: Aunt asked if the kettle is too big to fit in the cupboard. I think should be a 7.5" no problem de la!
Me: WE HAVE TO BE SURE! Let me measure it 
First World Problems
And the last thing I measure, my head circumference. Yup, I have a fetish on head circumference. I measured my BF's head, concluding he has a very big airhead. And when I measured mine, it was...around the same same, even though I swear with my dear life it is visibly tinier.
Why is my head so big #First World Problem. This could lead to over-stretched T-shirts you know. Anyway, these measuring tapes really make good gifts, S$5.90 only and is of great quality. Do visit Simple Gift Shop if you plan to get yourself one. The owner is really friendly and understanding.

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