Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review: Create your own Style with GlitteryBitz

This is like a real belated post...Oops. I actually received the review items way before I left for Taiwan. So really thank you Grace for your kind patience.
If you are looking for any handmade accessories, you are in luck because today I will be sharing with you GlitteryBitz. You will be glad to know that GlitteryBitz holds a collection of many gorgeous pieces at very affordable prices.
I particularly love their earrings designs and her "Express your Love in a Bottle" collection. Apart from that, Grace also makes customised Pixel accessories. I have to say she is very talented with her hands. Cos her 8-Bits accessories just look really pretty and realistic.
 These were some of the gorgeous accessories I received. I particularly loved the minion. It was supposed to be a ring, but eventually I used it for something else. Haha. But that's another story (will it with you all next time). I was really impressed with the minion though as I specially requested for it. I didn't expect to come out looking so darn cute :) Way above my expectations.
My BF was really happy when I gave him the "Mr Right" dust cap as part of our anniversary special couple gift. He thought he earned the right to have the final say until he saw my "Mrs Always Right" LOLOL! Honestly, it makes a great couple gift especially you are in a relationship where the lady always get her way :P
My necklace is "Love in Paris". It is very simple but easy to match, especially when you are going for a casual look.
 So this is how I would pair it up in my sailor kitty uniform. :)
Love in Paris necklace: GlitteryBlitz
Navy suede braidlets: Preetdeets
For my readers only, you will be receiving a 10% discount when you quote "GlitteryBitzxChaa" With the discount, it will be very worth it to make your purchases!!! Do remember to check out her stuff!

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