Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review: With Love and Care (WLC)

Younger Readers
For my younger readers, I have something for you today! If you looking for some chic, easy both on the eyes and pocket accessories, look no further than WLC shop.
WLC...I bet you are curious what it stands for. It pretty much means Work Life of Crafters. And in this little shop, you will find different sort of crafts some which may me customised. Overall, I would say the selection is huge and those accessories which are trending can pretty much be found here.
Wlc shop
I was sponsored one of their gorgeous choker with a snowflake dangling at the bottom. I have to say the quality is very good :) And it is a very pretty necklace. Another part I really liked about the sparkly pendant was the details at the back. It is so intricate that you can wear it the other way round too if you want a more subtle look. 2-for-the-price-of-one!!!
Apart from their online presence, they also have lockers located at Hako - Nex Mall and a retail store inside SCAPE* level 2 (near New Balance Store) and the good news is that there is no difference in prices there and online. For those of you looking for a more personal touch, WLC shop will be holding a flea on the 24th & 26th December. You can find near the Toastbox!
Like a Princess
Haha, going to end off the review with some nice photos of me :P
I know those of you who are a little younger has been jabbering on how the reviews seem a little targeted at the more mature audience (which forms a bigger majority of the readership) at present. I will definitely try to find something suitable for you young ladies, starting off with WLC shop, which will definitely keep you very occupied for a good long time since they have so much trending accessories for you girls to slowly browse through. Enjoy and maybe this Christmas, I will reward you ladies with something since you are all so nice :) ** Hugs**

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