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3D2N Jeju Tour Guide - 10 Must See of Jeju

Hey all, decided to post this up to help those who are planning for their Jeju trip. I spent a lot of time trying to find suitable programs to put in the itinerary myself. I am more into the Jeju nature and attractions you can only find there. If you are a person like me, then I think you will like our itinerary.
I touched down on the first day in the evening, so I pretty much missed out the first day. I have a list of optional things which you can put it into your itinerary if you have another full/ half day :) JeJu is about 2 hours ride from the west to the east, and each attraction you would probably stay about an hour and most attractions close by 6pm. I would recommend around 4-5 attractions a day, depending on whether you want to scale them :)
Full Day 1
1. Manjanggul Cave (Lava Cave - UNESCO)
Manjanggul Cave
It is a lava tunnel which I found pretty fascinating because it is not something you can see everywhere. It is really too dark for good photos if you are a person who is into photos, but this is a good place to hide out if it is drizzling for the day (Mine rained for 3 days in a row. Sigh!)
Sotong Ball
The Sotong Ball embedded in the rocks. Haha, maybe I am too hungry. Do tell me if you spotted it too!
2. Seongeup Folk Village
Seongeup Folk Village
There is another folk village there, but I picked this one cos it is free (with guided tour too) and there are still villagers living in it. It is not a particularly long tour and it was kind of interesting to know more about Jeju history. There are guides who speak Mandarin too!
Don't give this a miss cos it is free anyway. :P
3. Seongsan Lichulbong Peak
Seongsan Lichulbong Peak
This is the must-see of Jeju! I initially put is as optional because a few bloggers deemed it as nothing fantastic but my driver drove me there cos he said that everyone who comes to Jeju has to see this! And I totally agree, those other bloggers...sigh what were you thinking?!?
The view is gorgeous. These photos don't do justice to it at all. I am afraid I don't know what is on top because it was raining hard by then. All I see was fog. But the view as I was going up, absolutely breathe-taking! Do go to this!
4. Seopjikoji
It is also in my optional list. But I think since we drove past there, our driver stopped to let us take a few photos. I don't think it is that fantastic. But for fans of a particular Korean drama, I heard it was the filming place so for some of you, it could be a must go.
My driver thought it was not worth the climb since there was only a church and candy house there. I think so too. But the sea view is quite beautiful. But if you have been in JeJu for a while, you could be sick of it already. Haha.
Half Day 2
5. Osullok Green Tea Farm
The Green Tea dessert there was fantastic (After that I realised, it could actually be found in Seoul as well). I heard you could actually smell the scent in the tea leaves. Since it was raining, I sniffed nothing except dew. Lol! Nice place to get some good photos and to hide if it is raining. I could totally stayed longer if I wanted to do, but because time is sort of short, I had to run to my next destination. :(
6. Jusangjeolli Cliff
Jusangjeolli Cliff
I think this is another must-go as well. My friend was there while I was in JeJu and he posed a darn gorgeous photo of it on his Instagram. My photo is a little more foggy and it doesn't seem as impressive when I am there. But the entrance fees is cheap, so I would recommend "Go La!"
There is a huge seashell there, but that is no highlight. I just wanted a selfie. *whines*
7. Sanbanggulsa Grotto
Sanbanggulsa Grotto
Basically, it is just Buddha in a cave. It is really optional. But it is so close to Yongmeori Beach (a must see), I think most people would come here anyway. For me, Yongmeori Beach was closed :( Guess I have things to go back for next time. And the dragon head is also within the vicinity. Takes some imagination, so I think it is just a bleh too.
8. Yongmeori Beach
Yongmeori Beach
Cos it was closed, so all these all the photos around it. Pretty upset, cos this beach had those layered cool rocks. :( I wanted to force my way in through the barriers but was berated by the BF for being reckless and willing to die for photos on my Instagram. I think it is a must-go. Do share with me the photos if you have been there and share with me what you think of the view.
9. Hyeopjae Beach
Hyeopjae Beach
It is supposedly the beach where you can take photos of Mt. Halla. Eh, but I don't see it anywhere. I think it is just me. Haha. There are little creatures crawling on the rocks that totally grossed me out. Attempted taking a panorama photo with fisheye lens :P
Things we missed:
10. Hallasan National Park (take a day)
11. Jeongbang Waterfall (quite bummed we missed this)
12. Oedolgae Rock (Seogwipo) - Lonely Rock
Driver Details (English Guide)
Was begging around for an English Guide and was introduced to Mr. Cook by my friend's friend. Quite an accommodating guy. They said he was more on the expensive side. He was cheaper than the driver our host recommended so we picked him.
BF thinks he is above average and quite easy going. If you are interested, he can be reached at: :)

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