Sunday, September 6, 2015

LOTD Mesh it Up: The Glitz Closet

Mesh isn't exactly trending at the moment, but I am totally hoping to trend it. The reasons being the slightly sheer clothing give a lot of room for imagination. I think it is sexy yet conservative. It is modest without going straight for the reveal.
I have 2 looks to share. 1 is more of a sophisticated womanly appeal, while the other is more suited for a young lady. Either way, I think mesh apparels can be pulled off pretty well. So, start stocking up your bras with removable straps!!!
1. I am Sexy and I know it!
Checkered Mash Dress
The Checkered Mash Dress is my favourite piece at the shop. The design caught my eye. And I think the real deal is as good as what is seen on the lanky model. Both top and bottom have checkered mesh. This is a classy piece where you can attend functions in, so I think it is very value for money <3 Mix it up with accessories and clutches to give it a dash of colour if you are not used to going plain.
If this dress came with inner lining, it would have been perfect. Otherwise, just go for nude shade undies. My friend suggest wearing kinky underwear underneath if you are meeting your lover. *naughty* But honestly, it is quite difficult to get clothes of quality design with that price. Like most blogshop dresses, I think it leans on short side. But the mesh creates an extension of the dress. For me, I just love the "若隐若现"
2. Xiao Mei Mei 
Mid Sleeve Dress
The young look was created using the Mid Sleeve Dress. I did expect it to be a dress, considering I am not that tall. But it ended up more of a long top. The length is honestly a bit odd, so if anyone is going to follow me and you are neither extraordinarily tall or short, I suggest pairing it with shorts or black tights. But if it were really a dress, this piece is really cute cos it is like those loud, shapeless dress that is really funky and reflective of the vibrant youth.
My curly hair and winged eyeliner probably suit the first look better. But in my defense, I dressed myself first before doing my hair and makeup. :P The long sleeve makes the piece kinda warm, but it is good to wear to a colder country. Just a word of caution, the top can be very revealing since it is loose and your bra can be seen from the top. 
Liang Court
If you need to touch and feel the dresses before you buy, you are in luck. The Glitz Closet will be having a booth at Liang Court from 7-10th Sep 2015 between 12pm to 7pm. Personally, I feel they have quite a good selection that are suitable for work. But, they also have pretty frocks for the girl in us. And all of this at a very affordable price! No need to worry about burning a hole in your wallet. Yeah!
Although I seem to always talk about the need for decent corporate attires, the wardrobe should also have variation. So stock up, have fun. Maybe we can be twinies, you never know *winks*

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