Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Her World X Ion Orchard Dining Day Out

ION PLAY Invite_Dining
Now I know why so many people enjoy being food bloggers, Singapore is just a place where all good food congregate. Came across this event online and thought the BF would like it since I think a good portion of his thoughts is filled with "Jia-k" more than me. *Sounds like a love rival alert*
And so being such a scheming young lady, I needed to come between him and his one true "food-hunting" love. We will go eat all the nice, yummy food at Ion all in a day!!!
Pu Tien
Depending on the group you were arranged into, we visited Pu Tien first.
  1. Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon with Soy Milk: The publicity manager was telling us some romantic love story behind this bee hoon. This is an absolute must-try and is available only at Ion Pu Tien. Even without some fancy PR story, this would have naturally been a top seller.
  2. Stewed Water Caltrop: Tasted a bit like the Gao-luk. One of the seasonal dishes. Try it before it is gone!
  3. Stir-Fried Shrimp with Sweet Corn: A typical Chinese Zi-Char vegetable but the corn is so delicious. Note they are like in bunches so they are very juicy (Squirted on the BF...Ooops)
  4. Yucca Root with Crab Roe Sauce: The BEST! This is my favourite. It is also a seasonal dish. I will be so sad when it is gone :(
Overall, I really like Pu Tien. It is giving DTF a good run for its money. Do try their home-made chilli as well. A not to be missed.
Nara Thai
Second Stop was Nara Thai. Tried it before so I wasn't that excited despite being a huge Thai food fan. And thank god, we tasted Pu Tien before Nara Thai, imagine if it is the other way round, the Chinese food would taste too blend. And this doesn't do justice to it.
  1. Yum Som O - Pomelo Salad: I think it is supposed to be a refreshing dish, but it just doesn't suit my taste.
  2. Phunim Phad Pong Karee - Stir-fried Soft Shell Crab with Yellow Curry: The curry was too sweet for me.
  3. Hor Mak Talay - Grilled Thai Otah with mixed seafood: By default, this was my favourite dish. But the Otah is a bit too soft for my liking
  4. Signature Cooler Drinks - Rose Lime Cooler and Watermelon Limeade: A lot of the people loved the Rose Lime. I just thought it tasted weird. Watermelon Limeade was my life saver in this meal. 
For me it is quite a disappointment. My conclusion is I am just not into Thai Fusion Food. I heard Nara Thai is really popular in Thailand though. Maybe my taste bud is just weird cos I love their herb blue rice but to many other people it taste "the same". My suggestion is go to West Gate's Nara Thai instead. That outlet is really good and pick the normal favourites like Phad Thai, Tom Yum etc. It will be worth the calories.
Wrap & Roll
Our last stop was Wrap & Roll. I walked past it a few times before but never really tried it out. And you know what, I should have went in!!!
  1. Hanoi Frilled Turmeric Fish Dill
  2. Grilled Pork Steamed Rice Crepe Roll
  3. Grilled Chicken with Lime Leaves
  4. Lotus Shoot Salad with Prawn
This was the shop that really made their good instagram worthy. I was really full by the time we were at our 3rd stop. It was great they gave us sampling portion. I don't really take Viet food much, so I don't know how good it ranks against the rest. But one thing for sure, I am definitely going back again to try their dish. :P Plus their name is my favourite past-time. LOL Wrap yourself in the blanket and Roll around in bed. I support my own kind!
Heart Shaped Prawn
Ending off with a heart-shaped prawn. Beautiful isn't it? Next time I will do such frivolous plating if I ever cook a meal for my BF. 
The event itself was really a good one. Do join if Her World host another like this. I heard they do that quite a lot cos a good deal of the participants are serial joiners. I enjoyed myself so much I think I might become one too. Oops....

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