Monday, August 1, 2016

4D3N Bangkok Itinerary

So, I am going to the Land of the smiles. Before the madness start, I am just going to enjoy my stay at Bangkok and practice my rusty Thai. Many people told me that Bangkok is kinda of a chillax place. But my itinerary is going to prove all those people wrong.
If don't just want to shop, you can refer to my itinerary :P (Update: This itinerary was featured on 世界正美丽 Wonderful World Series 13!) To find out more on the must-eat, read our post here!
Healthland Asoke
Day 1 (Half Day)
  • Massage at Health Land Asoke
  • Shopping at Platinum Mall
  • Grocery Shopping at Big C
Baipai Thai Cooking School
Day 2
  • Baipai Thai Cooking School (Read the post here!)
  • Caturday (Read the post here!)
Dusit Palace
Day 3
  • Dusit Palace
  • Rod Fai Market 2
  • Jim Thompson House
Jim Thompson House
Day 4 (Half Day)
  • Printa Cafe
Printa Cafe
P.S. Due to a lack of consideration for traveling time and poor weather (it was pouring) , I didn't manage to do everything planned. :( (This means I am going back again MUHAHA!) The trains are still not that connected. I took a lot of cabs so maybe I spent more and vulnerable to traffic congestion.
Feel free to modify your trips and read my review to see if what I did suit your traveling taste! :P

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