Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ode to Joy: Filling up your life with lights and colours

Sorry people, this is not a review post but a show-off entry. Hahaha. I can't help it *Pouts* I always knew I was an reincarnation of an unicorn. Colours, rainbows or any mystical stuff excites me. 
Ok Ok, so me and the BF picked out some fairylights for yours truly from Ode to Love, but I insisted it was for us both so that we can eventually in "our" house next time. (P.S. This is how you get mutual making the other party involved in the process. Lol!) And now, I am going to bore you with the step by step process because if I show you the lighted balls now, nobody is going to read my words. Muhaha~~~
So this is what you will see when you open the box. I actually picked rattan balls instead of the cotton balls cos I thought it was easier to maintain them. Just throw them all into a pail of soapy water and voila it is clean. I used to have white cotton balls fairy light when I was a kid. My teacher gave them to me but I didn't know what they were so I made them into snowmen and gave them away LOL for Xmas. I thought they were craft materials.
There are themes available on Ode to Love. But we picked from the Mix & Match. The BF and I weren't particularly creative. True to his Bulbasaur nature, he wanted to pick the earth tones. But I felt the fairy lights would look better if the rattan balls had brighter colours. Eventually, we oscillated between Lavender, Purple, Scarlet, Dusty Rose. 
There are more options for cotton balls than rattan balls. And you could also mix them. I didn't really dare to try it cos I am not the best visualiser in the world when it comes to aesthetics. If you are really particular, the balls are a little bit smaller than what I expected. Honestly when I saw the effects, I didn't really care about the size anymore. :P
You actually had 2 options for the lights. The plug in is more environmentally friendly. But if you were doing a proposal or something and there is no plug in sight, that could be a tricky situation. I picked the battery operated ones (3 AA) because I wanted mobility. 
Here's a pre-testing photo. And dang it looks beautiful already. Some people feel that you need to get married to get fairy lights, oh please this is probably one of the most gorgeous decoration you can have in a dorm, living room or your bedroom.
We actually received this box of goodies for a while already. But I wanted to unwrap with the BF so it was delayed a bit. Compared to other online places, Ode to Love's price is very reasonable. I think they actually Fairy Lights attainable to everybody. So, you don't have to get married to justify this spending.
When it is all lighted up without filter, I think you know why fairy lights are one of the closest things to magic on Earth. It is just breath-taking and I am so happy that you could see all the different hues of colours so vividly.
There is a blink version and a continuous version. Both looks equally pretty to me. You can see from the video better and you can hear the click sound too. With regards to delivery, this was not hand-collected. It was by courier and they had fragile stuck on the cover of the plastic-wrapped box. Quality guaranteed, so if any of you are looking for fairy lights, I would recommend Ode to Love. Tried and tested, quite a steal for the price.