Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pretty Little Things Part 14

This installment came a lot earlier than the rest because I have a lot to share!!! Plus, we can move the series to be truly at each quarter, easier for me to remember when a post is due. :D So let's just roll it.
First up, I thought I would be showing you some really nice sandals. Because they are so frigging gorgeous. I love the design and the different materials - fabrics, leather love them all. However, I can't go into a more in-depth review with them further because they are looking for bloggers with their own domain (But, hey even XiaXue doesn't have her own domain, you know). 
But if any of you readers have or are going to buy Verano, tell us if the quality and comfort level is as good as they look :D
Any of you out there who is going to design your own watch? I personally feel that customisation is the in thing of the year. Cos it really prevents the clashing of style. I came across the Eoniq recently which allows you to create your very own classy watch.
So this is what I have created. Now I am into watches that shows the clockwork behind it. My design cost about US$300. I really do have expensive taste. Show me if you have designed your own watch too or make any purchases. I would really like to see some awesome creativity. :D
True to my mysical roots, I thought I just had to show you guy the shell float. Haha. Get Floaty doesn't hold a lot of float designs but this is the cutest shell I have seen to date. It ships to Singapore too but it could be expensive so get your friends who are studying in the US to buy it for you so that you don't have to incur custom duty tax.
And they also have my other favourite, the one and only unicorn!!! <3<3<3 And that's why I saved this for last, cos unicorns make me go "Gah" and babble like an idiot. And so we have to end this post, till next time. Bye Bye~~

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