Sunday, September 3, 2017

Spruce it up!

It has been a long while since I did any OOTD post, so I thought it was high time we did one and start the month right. LOL! Just a slight caution, I have "matured and blossomed" into a young lady so my style has changed a little. Please don't be too shock! Haha.

I saw the Ombre Cami Top at Spruce (sorry it is no longer in stock now. Guess good things don't last!) and fell in love at first sight. By the way, can someone teach me how to wear crops, LOL! I always look kinda of tubby in them but I have so much crop tops at home! Help!

It is no longer a secret but I am an unicorn who is in love with anything rainbow and pastel. I have been looking for some dip-dye clothes to add into my collection for the longest time. But just couldn't find something that struck me immediately. So it's true, if you find hard enough, love will come!

Personally, I think ombre and crop can never be anything formal. So I dressed it up with a cute Hanging Black Cat Ear Stud and a Minimalist Blue Sodalite. Short are from Cotton On and I paired them up with my old Gucci shades. I think is simple and we are good to go for an excursion! What do you think?

So lately, I am also loving long, flowy dresses. Maybe it is because it covers my thick legs and my scar etc. or maybe I just want to appear more feminine. Or it is just cos I look too darn good in them la. Presenting my latest collection - V-Neck Robe Dress also from Spruce. :}

And it is blue like the last one too! I keep getting the same type of "feel" clothes" of different design. And one more reason why maxis are great, you always look classy and can attend formal, big events in this without much effort. Just a cat stud earring with the Minimalist Blue Sodalite, we are ready to attend a wedding.

Here's an ending collage of me looking like a plate model. Presenting the last item from Spruce. No more clothes for now, but it is the gorgeous Sakura Plate (hmm, guess the theme seems to be feminine. LOL!) If you ask me, I think their table collections make great accessories holders and candle holders too. :D

Pretty right, you will be definitely be seeing more of this in my other posts when I take photos. It makes a darn good prop don you think. And if you think my candles look awesome, they are made through marbling. Let me know if you want to know how to make them too. And I may share my secret. :P Till then, happy September!

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