Sunday, November 26, 2017

Bags for all: Bromin Emporter

I just found a really nice bag and thought I should really rave about it. Actually, the whole point of the review isn't really this bag. But since I am using this bag, I thought I would talk about it first. Hahaha~!

My favourite in the ladies collection was the Mis Zapatos collection because the designs were so cute. The other bags in the collection were also very atheistically pleasing but I felt they were a lot more common. It is not  every day you see heels/shoes on your bags right! Haha

For me, I picked something more in line with my personality. So I went for something that was more subdued and plain. I actually like heels a lot more than flats. But the heels fabric at the back of the bag was a lot more loud. (Eeeks) And I wanted a 3D ribbon so I eventually settled on this.

I realise after using it for a while that the bucket design/ size was perfect for a day out. It was just nice to throw an umbrella, bottle, cosmetic pouch and wallet etc. And you could fit A4 size stuff in it if you have a file or something. The only bad part was there is no zipper and no separator, if you wanted to split your stuff up.

And this is me using the bag. You have option of slinging it or holding it like a normal handbag. I personally prefer holding it. Also you can either show the cuter side - with the 3D ribbons and all or flaunt the plain white side if you want to go for a more serious look. Both look chic!

Apart from bags for females, we also have bags for the males and even the little ones. Since school is starting soon, I decided to do a review on the kid's ergonomic school bag - Bromin as well. It it is so well-made, I can't help but wonder why isn't there an ergonomic version for the adults as well. My books are also very heavy leh!

As you can see, the design is "little adult" 小大人. The bag is very spacious (expandable) but surprisingly light woa. The bag is a very vibrant blue but in photos it doesn't turn out very bright. (There is also a pink version by the way for the girls!) As you can notice, the bag has a few ergonomic designs.

  • Back Support with Plush Cushions - This is really important for the bag cos it helps to support their spine and the cushion helps to soften the impact. 
  • G Hook - I guess it is supposed to make it easier for the younger kids, but when the bags get too full, it is actually quite difficult to fasten it.
  • Side Net Pockets - Very useful for putting a bottle and brolly for the older kids. 
  • Reflective Stripes - Good to have but the little ones are using the bag for school so probably won' use much of it at night.
  • Suction Pads at the bottom - Not sure what their function is. Elevate the bag from the dirty ground?
  • Lifetime warranty - BEST DEAL EVER!

If you want to buy them in stores, the Bromin lightweight ergo backpacks are available at Tom & Stefanie outlets in Singapore! You can go to Eastpoint Mall Simei, Westmall Bukit Batok or One KM Mall to purchase the bags. The promotional prices are same as online until end of 2017: If you get them this year, you get enjoy the launch price - Bromin Tech (SRP S$88; current launch price of S$68) and Bromin Lite (SRP S$108; current launch price of S$88). 

If your kids happen to be like those around us, they may want to pick gai gai bag over school bags. Guess cos it is cuter and also because it reminds them less of school. If they haven't start schooling, you may check out the Momentum Kids, it is freaking cute.

Of course, it probably can't put a lot of books, but it can definitely fit in the things you want the kid to carry himself. Wahahaha. :P Happy shopping for back to school stuff, I will probably do a post on stationary as well. (P.S. my Mum just told me she like this store, got bags for Papa, Mama and Baby :P)

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