Monday, June 25, 2018

A night to remember at Calypso

Okay, I guess this is what everyone has been really waiting for. Haha, the pets are cute and all but everyone only wants to know the nasty and queer...which I would have to disappoint you guys. The ladyboys are in fact nice and rather normal.

This time round, I managed to catch Calypso. It has been on my bucketlist for the longest time and the only reason why it did not come to fruition on my last trip was because le BF forbids and thought it is just to weird.

But guess my friends are more open and progressive so we gamely cross the sea (yea right) to make time for the "ladies". For those who are expecting some R21 bridal hen party sort of shit, this is pretty PG and is nothing more than a cabaret show.

For around S$70, you get a free drink and a great show (of course don't expect it to be of LA standard, more star cruise performance standard). There was quite a lot of singing and dancing in different languages. And guess what, it was full-house attendance that day. Extremely glad we managed to get great seats because of my highly polite and "fluent" Thai.

Most of the time throughout the show, I was mainly confused. I just couldn't decide at the end of it who was a lady, guy (are the guys straight?) or a ladyboy? At the end of it all, I figured out I don't have to be confused if I don't put a gender label on anyone. This sounds so silly, but I felt I grew up after watching this performance.

I am happy for them that they have a decent job that earns them a good income. What they are doing to themselves is probably unnatural but who am I to comment considering I have never been an oppressed minority in any form of thought? So I came out being a better and more open-minded young lady :)

Also, I came to the realisation my figure sucks and I should really put more effort into maintaining myself. #Whenguysdoesitmatter. I bet those ladies are jeering at me at my wobbly fats and messy hair. Oops

Just a teaser of what you will expect during the show. I do think it is an interesting experience to catch them. There's really nothing much on Asiatique apart from the good food we had. (Maybe cos we made bad food choices during our trip. Sigh!)

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