Friday, February 6, 2015

My Miracle Serum - V10 Plus Serum

Envious of ladies with youthful gorgeous skin, today I will be sharing the "secret". 3 drops a day and another 3 drops at night is what it takes to bring back the supple right back to your skin. Boi~ Boi~
Colourful Serum
 So this is pretty much the rainbow colouful therapy -V10 Plus in their pretty drip bottles. :) Based on my skin condition, I was given (6!) bottles for my skin. I sound that sounds really a lot to you. But there are 10 in total, which at a point in time I felt I just might need all. So these are the few which I tested. (Ooops, now you know how bad my skin is)
♥ Vitamin-A Serum
♥ Pcynogenol Serum
♥ Placenta Serum
♥ Licorice Serum
♥ Collagen Serum
♥ Vitamin-C Serum
Consultation Sheet
 So first of all, for the helpful people at V10 Plus to know what you need, you would have to fill up this consultation form on the current state of your skin. :) This is just a print screen, the list is actually quite long but it doesn't take too much time to fill up.
Any serum scoring more than 3 means that your skin is pretty much lacking the nutrients this serum can provide. Of course, I understand some of you readers might be thinking, that's quite pricey to get all. So I suggest you can invest in those that your skin really need first and slowly build up the collection. Less heart pain :)
How To Use
Using the serum isn't rocket size, I just pour them all into my hand and massage (ok, sometimes I rub it on pretty violently, really depends on my mood) onto your face.
Most of the serum are colourless and in runny liquid form. They are also quite scentless too. The Pycnogenol serum is the sticky one but even on my skin, the serum is absorbed by my skin in no time. After dripping the holy drops on my hand, it does look like I have a tiny yolk on my hand! :)
Rub it On
 After using it for about a month, I do see visible improvement in my skin. Firstly, it is a lot more supple and radiant. Water-based, it is a very light product and easily absorbed. I don't suffer any breakouts from it. It is truly a product customised for Asian Skin type. I don't have to wear make-up and I can walk out of my house confidently. My Mum and Bro have stealthily stolen drops (that speaks a lot)
It is now my favourite serum and I will definitely continue to use it. Feeling very glad and fortunate that I have a chance to review this wonderful product. So if I do look gorgeous in my subsequent posts, you know what is going on, and you can be like me too. Don't say I didn't share *winks*
Boi  Boi
Now not only I have Baby Fats, I have Baby Skin. #Delirious. Apologetic about my selfie looking quite mad, studying is really driving me half nuts. Maybe I might need to take a break. :(

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