Sunday, December 11, 2016

Giveaway: Fashionable Sleepyheads

Rise and shine, sleepy heads! Ok, I previously wrote a lot on how to get a goodnight sleep. One of the most important element is comfortable sleepwear. Given the warm, humid weather in Singapore, I always like mine, light and airy. 
They don't necessarily have to be of lesser fabric. Sometimes I do wear longer pants too, rarely though, simply because there are mozzies around. But still they would have to be cooling because I hate waking up in sweat.
Most Singaporeans are usually pretty sloppy in bed. Cos you know, this is one way to recycle your old clothes that are not yet tattered but still cant walk around in them. So usually we home-wear them till we "hole" them and voila, we know got our rags to wipe when cleaning our house. 
But still it is always nice to have a nice, decent set of sleeping clothes. There will be occasions where you are sleeping over with friends who have never seen you in your worse, at dorms or even first night stayover/ vacation with the lover. These are times you are not ready to let some people know how much of a slob you can be.
So here's a nice set of sleepwear from Deshabille hailing from Australia, which is now available in Zalora. I picked for myself a Bellini Top in Black because it seemed versatile and Aviary Sleep Shorts. I think I picked slightly oversized for myself. Do note the top is quite a sexy cut in at the bosom area. If you want to double it out as a casual top, you might want to take a size smaller.
The shorts are adjustable, thanks to silky straps. Because I am using it mostly for sleepwear, I am ok with it being a bit bigger. I toss and turn like a turbulent wave, plus I really don't like the feeling of being wrapped and the feeling of things sticking to me in bed. #FreedomInBed
I thought I would highlight the design of the Aviary Sleep Shorts because it really stood out to me. It was artistic but not boring. I am not that much of a fan for striking designs but I really like the fact that the birds were gaily coloured and the straps were in my favorite shade of turquoise. I guess I am quite a blue person. *Chuckles*
And at the bottom there were the cute "pom-pom" designs that made it look more special and fashionable. Dressing well to bed does make you wake up more confidently to the extent of taking I woke up like this photo. The shorts are truly sleeping shorts, I wouldn't recommend you wearing them out unless you want lechers gawking at your legs. :P
Cos X'mas is coming and I guess you guys are lucky, ForFunk will be doing a giveaway!!! And yes, the winners get to have sweet dreams with Deshabille :) As usual, I am keeping it easy and simple.
1. Follow Deshabille on Facebook
2. Share any product post from Deshabille Facebook wall and tag them stating "I want to win Prize X. ForFunk bought me here". Non-product post shared disqualifies them from the contest.

PRIZE * This is exciting!
There will be not 1, not 2 but (3) winners of a short and top set. 

Contest ends on 26 December 2016!

So, thank you and do continue to support ForFunk and we will on our end try to reward you with "Fan"tastic gifts and perks. Some of you will win a set of comfy sleepwear and you will be sure to rest well. Cos even dreamland welcomes those who are better dressed more warmly. LOL!

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  1. hope i have done the entry correctly for prize three. fingers crossed. x