Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LOTD: Pretty in Pink

This is one of my latest looks! Haha, I am wearing a face mask everywhere, as long as the sun shines. At this rate, I might just set a trend one day. Face accessories anyone?

My cute pink face mask was given by a friend who went to Taiwan. I think it is so adorable. *Hearts* At first when she told me she got me a cute pink one, I thought it could possibly be tacky. Well, we do have a different definition of "cute". But when I saw this, I was practically swooning in delight.

I am wearing Pink thigh highs. I am not very tall, so they do look a little like leggings *Chuckles* The positive thing about being vertically challenged, thigh highs are cheaper. =P
I am so in love with my spring boots! I am definitely wearing them to every house this Chinese New Year. I sure hope everyone goes green in envy. It is an absolutely gorgeous pair of boots!
Pretty In Pink
Pink Snoopy FaceMask: Taiwan
Pink Solid Coloured High Thighs: We love colours
Chukka Nubuc Boot in Mocha: Sandgrensclog

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