Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whitening Lightening 1.1 - How you use it

Okay, I have taken some shots of how I use the super booster pen. It is only the size of a pen and my Dad threw it in my pencil box thinking it was a marker. I did spend some time trying to find it. *grimace*
Booster Pen 1
When you first unscrew it, you will see this brush-like tip. You are supposed to use the brush and paint it on your teeth.
But before you brush it on your teeth, you are supposed to twist and click the base until the gel appears on the brush tip. It is pretty much similar to twisting a lipstick. =P
The next step is simply painting it on. According to the instructions, you apply a thin layer to your visible teeth and start smiling for 1 minute so that it will bond to the teeth. Great way for practicing the killer smile. =P
If you think one minute is too long for comfort, you can actually make use of this time to:
  • paint your nails
  • put on a face mask and relax
  • chat on whatsapp (personal favorite)
  • watch tv
For best results, you can use it at bedtime and brush it off in the morning. This product can be used both in the day and at night. I didn't put it on the whole night.  As you can see, half-way it started foaming. (I am sorry if I am grossing you out with the photo, just trying to be very precise in my product photography.) On the first night, I attempted leaving it on through the night and accidentally swallowed some. It tasted bitter, haha.
It was not very comfortable for me to leave overnight. So now, I just put on as long as I could take it on my teeth before rinsing it out. Bear that it mind when you check out the results next week, that mine may not be the best since I did not leave it on till the morning. =(
To end off, if you are interested in purchasing your own set of Booster pen before I show the results, just key funk29 in the code and you will receive 2 of this product at 29 dollars.

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