Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Moleskine: The Plain Beauty

Well, lucky me, my great flair for writing has once again won me something courtesy of Nookmag. Indeed,  creativity and good writing skills are pretty lethal tools when put together.
White as snow.
Having a pearly white Moleskine will be one versatile accessory that can up my elegance as either as the icy Snow Queen or the delicate Snow White.
Guess, I just got my elegance factor upped by a notch. I really like this notebook and am definitely very curious on what the whole hype is all about. But...I am not opening it yet...unfortunately. 
It is a real clean slate apart from the ruled lines. I want to save it for New Year next year. It is good to start a new life on a new page. :) Not going to use it for a dairy though, since now I have a blog to document my interesting stuff and well I am not in the mood to jot down anymore sad stuff in my life.
Haha, managed to find some pictures of it to share. It is really plain pretty. Simple charm and ooh, it is a exclusive limited edition. *winks* 
Can't wait to doodle and taint such pureness...oh how evil I can be some days...LOL!

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