Monday, September 2, 2013

STGCC 2013 - Ironman Fandom

I am just a huge Tony Stark fan and I really do give 2 hoots whether this is an apt caption to STGCC 2013. I am there because of him and the only reason I got myself free passes there is also because of him.
IronMan Fandom
You know actually that day, I haven't fully recovered from my flu. The caring bf was telling me it is okay if we don't go. I could rest if I wanted. And in my head, I was like thinking, are you kidding me? I would crawl there and die in Iron Man's empty armor if I had to.
There is no way I am passing up an opportunity to see so many Iron Man(s) in one place. I guess he doesn't know me well enough. LOL! I have a huge crush on Tony Stark and Iron Man and Robert Jr Downey. And this crush is as "gi-normous" as Tony Stark's ego. Yea, that's how big it is.
And behold the galore of Ironman. I will have to be honest the whole time I was only interested in the Ironman mechandise and to take a decent shot in the Hall of Armour which is in fact I believe the highlight of the convention. Splendid isn't it?
Personally I adore Iron Patriot. I just loves it colour. It is my favourite armor cos it is somewhat girlish. Couldn't resist taking shots of it. Just so pretty! Not the best compliment a superhero would want to hear. Haha!
Lego Competition
Being so enthusiastic, I also took part in the Lego competition with my BFF. (Yup, I went with a BFF and a BF. Both of them wanted to go and I can't split myself into 2. Pity me.) Seriously, Marvel should give me an award for being the "MARVEL -lous" fan. I never failed to scream, cheer and support them in their events. I even gamely changed into the MARVEL shirt I worn.
And once again, I attempted to create Iron Man 3 scene. I was badly thrashed by the kids. I was just too nice. They took all the superheroes. All I had was bricks, bricks and more bricks. Spent half the time freaking out because of poor ship structure HAHA. The BFF sux. She just built a simple structure and insisted that she doesn't want to lose too badly to 10 years old. *roll eyes* LOL! Come on, she was just here for the consolation toy- Lego Thor. Pfft..took part cos she knows I am not giving mine to her for sure!
I am quite an embarrassment for real fans, hahah. We went around collecting freebies. Okay, Marvel is the most generous booth, having hourly giveaways. We hung around there pretty often because the BFF wanted to win Thor signed poster.
I just wanted the Avengers Tee which the BF won for me. I just have an affinity with Spiderman. I won the shirt twice. Gave the second one to BF as an exchange for the Avengers Tee even though he specified clearly he doesn't want it. Too colourful for his style! Haha! And the BF got his Luffy poster which despite being a fan, he says he doesn't want it too?!? Guys can be so confusing.
WDA has the most practical gifts in my opinion. Haha. Speakers are useful but I really wanted a pink one. White is too boring. Sigh.
Lastly, a collage to end off to show that I did walk around the convention and did not stick to one place. In fact, I went at 11am thinking that the geeks would beat me to it. I would have camped in the wee hours if I weren't sick! I thought all geeks would think like me. Sigh.

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