Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Freeing SG: Can you escape?

Freeing SG
Ever wondered what it is like to be trapped in a room and to escape, you have to solve a series of questions etc.
Yeah, I was invited to Freeing SG, courtesy of Nuffnang. Honestly, I was kinda of looking forward to it. I saw on TV and thought it seemed a pretty novel concept. It seemed to be one of those experiences you would put in your checklist. Freeing SG is based on the "Freeing HK" model which gives players the experience of a lifetime as you rack your brains to escape a “real-life” situation. Inspired by virtual “Escape Room” video games and web-based browser games, Freeing SG takes the experience further by immersing players in a physical reality (5D!!!) to solve puzzles first hand.
Freeing SG2
So there, we were split into teams of 6. It was kinda of awkward at first. Despite being possibly one of the oldest, I am pretty sure in the grey matter department, I wouldn't be much of a help. We had to search for clues, solve puzzles and uncover secrets within a given time limit to find our way out. *stressed*  In this type of situation that test our wits, I am usually more comfortable with friends. But my team mates are pretty cool after we broke the ice. Being with strangers stuck in a locked tiny room isn't that bad! Hehe...
Freeing SG 1
 I am not really allowed to post too much photos. But these are some that I am allowed to share. Our room is totally the coolest. :) Hahaha. Overall, I would say it is really a great team-bonding exercise. There is never a boring or dull moment. Of course, as the clock is ticking, you will still feel the pressure rising. It is a rather great form of entertainment that makes you work your brain a little.
Anyway, just a side note of caution, my room is not for the faint hearted. I screamed on time. I am quite timid and I really don't like scary stuff :(

And to end off, a nice group photo. For more information, please click here. There are currently 4 themed rooms and it is growing. Shall not say more to spoil the on-start of a good research. Let you guys start to practice using some brain cells now. ~~evil
Freeing SG 3
Freeing SG
Address: Level 7, Bugis +, 201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067 Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs : 11am – 10pm (last game will be at 10pm)
Fri & Sat : 11am – 1am (last game will be at 12am)
Mon – Fri, before 5pm: $22 per person Mon – Fri, after 5pm: $28 per person Sat, Sun & PH: $28 per person 

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